24 November 2015

The true cost of Wynning

taxing us to death

"The best euphemism in the government’s cap-and-trade discussion paper is “carbon leakage.” Perhaps this sounds like some kind of accidental carbon emission. In fact, it is a sanitized term for job losses.

Carbon leakage” is when a company relocates out of Ontario and into another jurisdiction where production is more affordable."

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..."You're with us... or you're a racist."


johndoe124 said...

You mean Ontario still has some jobs?

Neo Conservative said...

i guess having the highest electricity rates in north america wasn't enough for the provincial liberals. this new carbon tax may well be the final nail in the manufacturing sector's coffin.

i have to say... good time to bring in another 10,000 unemployable, non-english speaking immigrants.

hey, don't blame me... i didn't vote for them.


Bill Elder said...

Ontario is too far down the 3rd world sewer hole to ever be part of Canada again. Economically atrophied, politically corrupt, Morally putrefied and socially irrelevant.

Retirement in this nest of vipers will see you robbed and eaten by the zombie hordes.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says.........neo, in another year you won't find anyone who says they voted for them.

Neo Conservative said...

i hope that's true. but look at ontario... three terms of mcguinty push ontario near financial failure, then they elect wynne.

i guess toronto couldn't resist having a shiny new lesbian in the drivers seat. "look at us, look at us... we're so cool & openminded!!!"