06 March 2011

Don't give up, Chris...

There are so many options here -- up the meds... get a girlfriend... get a boyfriend... heck, get a cat...

pathetic little trollsHonestly, I just gotta say... the whole creepy bromance aspect aside... spending every waking minute of your life tuggin' on my blog shirt-tails... that's, well... beyond pathetic.
oh, chris**********

LAST WORD: Rapunzel, Rapunzel...

...let down your comment moderation...
never say die

"Its just the lies and spin - the baiting and suggestion and the outright insults - the personal attacks."

"Accusing me of nony(sic) comments do you even believe what you just wrote?"
Posted by Chris to halls of macadamia at 8:27 PM, March 06, 2011
Yes of course, Chris... if only I would stop harassing you... leaving dozens of com... wait a minute... that's you.


Chris said...

Though you will probably not publish this, in its entirety, and without edits (as you have consistently done in the past though 'comment moderation') I feel compelled to point out the fact that asking a question OR suggesting something which is not 100% aligned with your world view is 'trolling'.

All along you have managed to throw insult, 'suggestion', baiting, incoherent ranting and subtle racist leanings in practically every response - or non-response as the case were.

Such an interesting tactic from someone 'seeking the change the world, one mind at a time'

Neo Conservative said...

uh, chris... obviously i was being a little too subtle here.

surely you have to be feeling, on some level... the crazy ex-girlfriend vibe you're giving off here.

whether you recognise it or not... i'm doing you a favour, chris. this is simply a place to exchange ideas... not rage, or flirt or swap emotional spit.

but chris, you seem hell-bent on making this personal... for some reason that i just can't fathom.

i don't know what it is you seem to expect from me... but i've gotta tell ya... it just ain't gonna happen.


prairie dog said...

Sniff sniff...hmmm is that love in the air I smell? Is it Spring already? hehehe ;)