01 March 2011

Email Dalton McGuinty & congratulate...

...Ontario's governing Liberals on their seemingly never-ending odyssey to appease... "all of the communities"... holding up this project...

Hydro One has been powerless to complete a $116-million transmission line upgrade for five years because Caledonia “warriors” won’t allow workers to wire the last towers.
No biggie, right? It's not like this has been going on for... holy crap...
Tory MPP Toby Barrett raised the issue of the stalled Niagara-Caledonia-Middleport transmission corridor in the Ontario Legislature Monday on the fifth anniversary of the Caledonia aboriginal land claim.

The entire 76-kilometre stretch of transmission towers, completed except for the missing wires, sits idle while the land negotiations take place.
Yessirree... looks like we have another "broad strata of society" issue for the McSlippery Liberals to figure out...
Energy Minister Brad Duguid told the Ontario Legislature that the government is working in partnership with all of the communities in the area to resolve the issues.

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...and no, I'm not just talking about the Arab Middle East.



Already filtered out a couple of deliberately provocative anonymous comments about applying the death penalty to certain players in this farce.

Here's a thought, nonny... you don't have to be an ass all the time.


Gawk said...

Drive by these towers a lot. They are not totally useless things though. They make great road barricades once they are hauled down and broken up. Will get u a picture with the illegal smoke shacks in the background if i can.

oxygentax said...

I often wondered why exactly the OPP didn't apply the same principles to that illegal occupation as they would to any other hostage taking - cut the power to the area taken over and arrest any of the culprits crossing barricades for supplies and batteries.

Lynn said...

Haven't heard of this before,is the MSM a bit "reluctant" to report on this lest someone should do something that might offend our Native brethren?

What in hell is wrong with the Mohawk warriors,why don't they take as much land as they want? Take all of Southern Ontario!

No one has the balls to stop them,so why not go for the whole show!


Neo Conservative said...

"oxygentax says... why exactly the OPP didn't apply the same principles"

here's a thought...

next time you're pissed off at city hall... call up a bunch of your buddies and try shutting down road access through your town or city. maybe throw a car off a bridge... or burn out a hydro substation.

one small caveat, though... you're not aboriginal... the local swat team is gonna blaze in like panzers & drop you faster than a crazy ex-girlfriend.