25 March 2011

Again... our ethical & intellectual superiors

J-school 101... bad things should only happen to the surly and unattractive...
but she had such a nice smileC'mon, Terry... let's get to the meat of the narrative...

"We didn’t discuss things that would make us sad. Just about fun stuff. You know, being girls. Doing what girls do."
Which... presumably... for most "girls"... involves parties & boyfriends & school stuff... not selling your drug-riddled carcass to potentially homicidal strangers.

And a "call girl" huh? Yeah... let's just put a pretty pink bow on this one... that'll fix everything.


poor little nonny/chrisYes, yes, nonny/chris... you nailed it. I'm a fat, bald alcoholic nazi... who apparently has a permanent lease on that big empty space between your ears.

Thank you, once again, comment moderation.


Anonymous said...

neo nony is completely upset at the notion, that these call girls, just might be human beings as well.

Stay classy.

Chris said...

I am not getting your editorial on this one. What is the problem with the story?

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny bleats... these call girls"

again, nonny... such a classic display of compassionate, intellectual progressia... i just have to let this one past comment moderation.

instead of lamenting the loss of a young life and pointing a finger at drugs, neglect and the sordid prostitution "industry"... for you, it's simply another feeble rant about lil' ol' me.

sorry, you dumb bunny... she wasn't a "call girl"... she was a prostitute. this young girl, for whatever reason, turned herself into a commodity and ended up bearing the horrible, inevitable weight of that decision.

you and the rest of the socialists can dress this up any way you choose... "if only we would legalise drugs & the sex trade"... but calling things by their proper names is never wrong.

the one bright light here... is that maybe, just maybe... her untimely but all too predictable death, at minimum... serves as a warning to other young troubled girls.

and look... right on nonny's coattails... there's my good buddy chris. what a coincidence.