24 February 2010

And to add insult to, well...

...injury AND bullshit... apparently Mr Millions wants Canadian taxpayers to pick up the tab...
The impression Mr. Williams left, that the technique he sought in Miami is not available in Canada, is reinforced by his statement that he will consider applying for reimbursement for his medical costs in Florida.
I guess that's how you get to be a millionaire... by spending other people's money.


Yeah. The guy I saw who mortgaged his house and went to Seattle to get gammaknife treatment for his brain tumor will love that.


Last year, we had to rescue my ailing octogenarian father-in-law and bring him out to live with us. We called the social services people to see if the VON would come out and read his blood sugar... and were told the nurses weren't equipped with, or even allowed to use glucometers.

They did tell us, however...if we weren't willing to subject a sick elderly man to a seven hour wait in the local E.R.... we could call Tele-health Ontario.

Maybe we should have flown to Florida.