10 October 2008

My own personal liberal campaign

Now... anybody who reads me regularly knows that I have my own personal anonymous troll.

And while it's true, he's not especially bright...
... what he lacks in smarts and imagination... he makes up for in nazi-obsessed persistence.
And, how's this for a deal... he supplies his own laugh track.

Now... I'll spare you the rest of the two dozen silly taunts he salted throughout my blog tonight... but you get the idea.

The thing is, he keeps promising to post all the instances of me deleting his accumulated wisdom... but, you know, he musta forgot... he's anonymous... so that just wasn't gonna happen.

Anyway, I thought I'd help out here.
So to my buddies Dawg and Stoogeleft... (the latter of whom, kindly directed a little traffic my way tonight)... I'd like to say thank you for inspiring my own personal cc-nonymous troll to greater effort.

It's a perfect illustration of how you guys conduct yourselves.

It's not too often you get your adversaries making your points for you.


LAST WORD: The hits just keep on comin'...

Poor cc-nonymous... he's even too cheap to pay for actual phone sex.

And here's the latest... Mr Dumbstick discovers reverse psychology...

Move over Sigmund Freud.



Alberta Girl said...

Hey Anony HAHAHAHAHA is back -I thought we had dispatched him a couple of months ago.

mahmood said...

neo's continual B-slapping of the progressive(commie crappola) spin has these folk frothing and responding with their well worn cry of "racist racist!"...and when that doesn't work they then send in the "nonny clown"...which coming from a cesspool, ze bunker and a dawghouse is by extension a clear illustration of their intelligence which is to say..."what a bunch of dopes."

Neo Conservative said...

it's really not too different from that famous liberal attack ad of years past... where they had stephen harper buying aircraft carriers and flooding our streets with soldiers... "with guns... i'm not kidding".

the nonnybot syndrome... make a lot of noise... try drown out actual debate.


Anonymous said...

neo...you should have checked out the maclean's blog last night...the libs were in damage control because of the Duffy news cast.There was Ti-guy(remember him) sucking his thumb in the corner calling out hey Kate..look at me!...kate do you see me?...aw kate...I need a hug...
it was really pathetic.
You could have given him a little pat on the head.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... You could have given him a little pat on the head."

oh... i did.


langmann said...

Even when nonny tries to be smart he sounds stupid.

Dion has been roaming the country criticising Harper for his ineffectual policies. Asking Dion, what he would have done if he was in the situation Harper was in is an ENTIRELY appropriate question.

Its easy to say "someone was wrong" but try to back it up with evidence, well that requires intelligence.

Dion doesn't have that intelligence. He is not a leader, plain and simple.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

The nonny's of the world are a scary lot, imagine if the NDP ever got in Federally?

Neo Conservative said...

wouldn't you just love to be a fly on the wall at the weekly meeting of "imbeciles anonymous?

this guy makes cherniak look like a nuclear physicist.


Anonymous said...

Wow, anon sure has his brain in a knot, eh?

Hee hee!

Very sophomoric and juvenile with all the sexual innuendos, must be a really messed up kid, still.

I voted today, my daughter for the first time!
That will always please me, that I can freely vote.
Anons would take that right from me and my daughters.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... I voted today, my daughter for the first time!"

congratulations to your daughter... a significant milestone in any young person's life.

and nonny... well, he's just a pebble on the path.


Patrick Ross said...

You know, I've long started to suspect that liberal supporter, Sparky and Ti-Guy (at the very least) are all the same individual, there styles being so similar and all.

I'm not saying they are. I just have some suspicions.