13 July 2016

We're here today to commemorate...

...well... mostly me...

President Obama referred to himself 45 times over the course of the speech he delivered Tuesday at the memorial service for the five police officers killed in Dallas last week. The president has faced scrutiny in the past for his habit of talking about himself during national speeches.
You can never have enough o'blabber.


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"And who knows how many football heroes skate out of trouble with the police? For example, Nicole Brown Simpson frequently called 911 to report domestic violence, but when the LAPD arrived they tended to want instead to have their picture taken with O.J. The main exception was Detective Mark Fuhrman, who treated Mrs. Simpson’s worries more seriously. But we know he was bad."
Of course, there's the Heisenberg, er... "Jesse Jackson Uncertainty Principle," that states that looking at any race-related violence committed by ethnic minorities automatically turns it into a "white privileged trigger event."


LAST WORD: Meet the enemyroot causes, my ass
According to a police report, a Lieutenant with the Baton Rouge Police Department ordered a hamburger at the restaurant. When he received his hamburger, he noticed a clear substance on top of the bun. He then realized that the substance resembled saliva.

The officer notified the manager who reviewed camera footage of the incident.

Police arrested the employee, 21-year-old Elijah Johnson, who later admitted to officers that he had several diseases including Herpes.
If you're wondering where this type of thing comes from...raising alabama
Sgt. John Delaney with the Springfield Police Department reacted to the picture, saying, “I would go and rescue that little boy if he was drowning, if he was in a car accident, if he was choking on something, and I would do that and not ask for thanks. And there are 400 other police officers in the city of Springfield that would do the same.”
Sorry, I have to get back to inventorying my food and ammunition.


Bil E said...

We will see stiff competition for between our head narcissist and theirs for "selfie"-ism.

As for the Race war explained, well there's this:


Neo Conservative said...

i miss dubya. i really, really do.