25 July 2016

Just another proud moment...

...in Democratic National Party history...

From: Rivard, Chadwick

Subject: RE: Donor Vet

Good morning all,

Finance asked us to vet as potential POTUS host/donor. George Lindemann - convicted of three counts of wire fraud in 1995 and received a 33-month term in federal prison; Investigation stemmed from a federal investigation where over 50 horses were killed in a 20 year period in acts of insurance fraud; nothing new as of 5/9/16

Thanks, Chad Rivard | Senior Research Supervisor, Compliance Democratic National Committee direct: (202) 572-5486| cell: (616) 308-0330
Nope... not "The Onion"...
NGP NOTES: Summary George Lindemann Jr. was a highly-ranked rider, Olympic hopeful, and heir to an $800 million fortune. In 1990 he hired Tommy "The Sandman" Burns to electrocute his horse, Charisma, in order to collect on a $250,000 insurance policy.
And it gets better...
"George doesn't deserve to continue to be a punching bag. He has contributed to every Democratic presidential candidate, and no one has ever suggested that they didn't want his money," Gordon said.

Indeed, Lindemann has donated generously to a slew of candidates, including U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek,U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson and former presidential contender Hillary Clinton. So it's okay to cash his checks but not to give him top billing on a fundraising invite?
I wonder what the crazies over at PETA would think of this.

Here's another taste...
From: Vaughn, Jordan

Subject: DeRay Mckesson

Hey team, can we please vet DeRay Mckesson (100683684) to act as a surrogate for us at a young professional event possibly featuring the Chair? Thank you.

Jordan C. Vaughn National AALC Finance Director Democratic National Committee (202) 488-5089 (o) | (407) 797-2215 (c) VaughnJ@dnc.org
So what's this guy's deal?
DeRay McKesson Tweets - Then Deletes - Claim That Virginia Shooter Was White:

"Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson continued his pattern of jumping to conclusions and getting his facts wrong on Wednesday when he tweeted out to his 200,000 followers that the man who fatally shot a TV reporter and cameraman in Virginia was white."

McKesson himself has been accused of playing fast-and-loose with the facts in the past. In many of the cases he's protested - from the Michael Brown case to Freddie Gray's death to Sandra Bland's - McKesson has made claims to his large Twitter following that turned out to be false
The Dems are gonna want to distance themselves from DeRay, right? Well... not exactly.
McKesson has become a hot commodity for several presidential campaigns. Hillary Clinton invited him to a campaign event in June. And Bernie Sanders reached out to him on Twitter to set up a meeting to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement."
The Gateway Pundit has assembled a "Greatest Hits" list of DNC Wikileaks.



RELATED: A little backstory...
Inside the White House, aides and lawyers have been poring through the Wikileaks dump all weekend. "We all knew this was coming yesterday after the WikiLeaks news, it felt like it had to happen. It was just a question of the timing, to be honest," said one state party chair.
Check out the craven hypocrisy of Oblabber & Clinton.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says.............not much can be said about these crooks. it just gets more ridiculous everyday.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........another case of I can't get there from here. the stupid train continues to roll along.

Bill Elder said...

DNC coddling crooks like George Lindemann shows they really appreciate someone who knows how to fix a horse race but they'd drop a dime on him in a heartbeat and deny knowing such crooks. Get the money and run.

Interesting karmic timing, I watched "the Rat Pack" again last night and the theme of the whole grizzly tale was how Frank Sinatra and Momo Giancana fixed the POTUS election for JFK (as well as supplied JFK and Giancana with an endless string of Hollywood starlet wannabes and ultimately Marilyn Monroe. Peter Lawford (the Kennedy Brother in law), was the messenger. The whole Kennedy clan were a bunch of self-interested treacherous vipers marketed as "progressives" .

The story ends as the chairman and his mob friends fix tight races for JFK, he wins, he bops MM, then brother Bobby attacks Giancana's union interests (which got him elected) and pappa Joe and the DNC tell JFK to estrange himself from Sinatra and his mob pals. Sinatra never voted Dem again.

- A wonderful (true) tale of Dem philandering, back stabbing and ballot rigging that seems like it set the pattern for all future "progressive" hopey-changey Dem Pres elections.

Neo Conservative said...

unfortunately, the media is in the bag for the dems and the usual low information voters won't ever hear about these emails.

it is incredibly instructive to actually see how the political sausage is made.

i trust political junkies like myself will have fun with this for some time to come.


Anonymous said...

old white guy asks........... how bloody low does their intellect have to be before they are prevented from voting?

Bill Elder said...

Well I agree with you there Neo - History has been under attack by 5th column Marxism from its inception, and is in the final stages today .

A culture/people deprived of their history will accept any God forbidden substitute - and that is primarily what the left narrative is these days - an abominated rewrite of history.

Neo Conservative said...

"owg asks... how bloody low does their intellect have to be"

not so fast... we live in a country that elected pierre-lite.