19 July 2016

The only phrase that comes to mind is...

..."Indian Giver"...indian giver

Abandoning the UN declaration is the Liberals’ first broken promise to Canada’s aboriginals, but it’s a whopper. It will have to be followed by others.

The best-intentioned government
[which no one is suggesting we have here] couldn’t possibly deliver on it all. So Trudeau will have to send more ministers to explain that, sorry, we may have made the promise but we can’t keep it.
Dear Aboriginal Peoples... try not to take this to heart. I mean, Justin's broken all sorts of election promises to the rest of us as well.

Remember this nose-stretcher?
"The Liberals had promised the lost revenue from their “middle-class tax cut” would be offset by a new tax bracket for income of more than $200,000. Federal sources confirm the numbers do not balance, which will add to government deficits in coming years."
And there was this...
"Gee, those Liberal promises are already disappearing. The new Veterans Affairs Minister, Kent Hehr says Canadians must have misheard if they think the Liberals are committed to re-opening the nine veterans offices they explicitly promised to re-open during the campaign."
And, of course, there's "proportional representation."


Bill Elder said...

The LPC have always used native reserves as a voter plantation much like the Dems harvest votes from the inner city plantations they maintain with welfare - libs don't want those captive votes straying off the plantation - they want them to stay put.

If Truedough has to screw them on some promise he will replace that promise with and even juicier promise and slide a few bucks to reserve chiefs and life goes on as usual at Librano HQ

As for the rest of us being lied to by Prince selfie, well, that's just par for the course - lying and backstabbing are in the genes. As long as the MSM honeymoon goes on he will screw us with impunity.

Neo Conservative said...

perhaps justin will catch heat from the media about lying to aboriginals... you know... one toke over the line.

he's certainly been able to lie to the rest of us with impunity.


Anonymous said...

The Media accepts Trudeautards lies, just like they accept his idiocy. The Media knew he was lying during the election campaign, simply saying anything promising everyone everything without being challenged by the Media, just docile slavish acceptance of whatever gibberish the boy princess said. The Media will now turn around and say that idiot boy and the corrupt "Liberals" are right in not imposing the UN's racist policies, sloughing it off as "good intentions" from the boy princess meeting up against the realities of Governance.... In other words, its not the lying idiots fault for deliberately lying to the Indians in order to get their vote, in fact the imbecile should be considered a "hero" for lying. The Media will never turn against the boy princess, they will continue to eat his shit and ask for more.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says.............we have given them too much, time for them to repay our largess.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm still waiting for prince charles to process my "highland clearances" reparation cheques.

truly, i fear for my country.