09 July 2016

The Minneapolis, Minnesota shooting...

...you won't hear about on national mainstream media...black babies don't matter

• “All we know is that two babies were shot and one baby is deceased.” •
Remember... you can't pin it on those sociopathic, racist cops... it might as well have never happened.

In Chicago, every 13 hours and 22 minutes... a (usually) black man takes the life of another (usually) black man.insert alt text hereWhy don't those lives matter? Wake up and smell the manipulation.


RELATED: Much has been made about Philando Castile

...having a permit to carry a concealed weapon...another brick in the wallThe local Sherrif has just issued a statement that appears to repudiate that.

If Philando Castile was carrying an unregistered illegal weapon... doesn't that make this "a good shoot?"


LAST WORD: That was then... this is now...
"On Friday afternoon, the Rev. Jesse Jackson met with the Castile family and also made a stop at the gathering in front of the Governor’s Residence. 'We need to love one another and support one another,' Jackson said. 'Justice will be served to these black men'.”
Jesse Jackson, Jesse Jackson... that sounds so familiar...
“There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps... then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”

― Jesse Jackson
Shsssshhhhhh... it's a secret.


Bill Elder said...

People tell me I look like a Kennedy but I never have to worry about being shot over mistaken ID.

Every cop should start filming their check stops - there's reason why right there.

Bill E said...

I think the MPD are grasping to positively spin the PR on what I see as a questionable shoot - If the mook was armed and non compliant this would have been the first factual salvo fired by the MPD PR dept. All they can come up with was he looked suspicious.

Meanwhile..... What is the world coming to when an innocent black man can't innocently point his innocently illegal gun at police without bgetting shot???


Neo Conservative said...

the ramsay cty sherrif, the official body that should have issued philando castile a ccw is now saying they don't have a record of any such permit. the officer clearly believed castile was reaching for a gun.

if true, and why should we doubt either statement, that makes philando a defacto felon and tips this situation towards being "a clean shoot.

it should go to trial where everyone testifies under oath.

and yes, bodycams, despite cops protesting are actually for their own protection.