20 July 2016

Brought to you by the folks...

...who have... in the short space of 12 years... actually doubled Ontario's indebtedness...

Toronto is now well established as the bastion of left-wing politics in Canada. The most obvious symptom of it’s capture by left-wing ideology is how media elites and the intelligentsia (most of whom live off the public payroll) have come to believe that their perspective is no longer a point of view but an objective account of reality that will brook no discussion.

Liberalism is relentlessly prescriptive in telling people how to think and behave, all in the name of freedom and justice. Individual actions are divorced from consequences; moral hazard does not exist for liberals.
Need an example?
The Auditor General has included many estimates on the costs of those “directives and directions,” estimating the FIT or feed-in tariff program alone will result in ratepayers picking up extra costs of $9.2 billion just for wind and solar contracts.
Remember, if you've voted Liberal anytime since 2003's McGuinty Revolution, you have given up the right to complain about energy costs, the proliferation of exotic genders and, most importantly, punishing, extortionate taxes.
"By 2020-21, the Liberals will have recklessly hiked Ontario's debt 152% from the $138.8 billion they inherited in 2003."
I miss Mike Harris.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........Canada will not survive the socialist avarice of her people.

Neo Conservative said...

apparently the boy-king's latest baby bonus bribes (directed primarily at maritimers) will add 22 billion to canada's deficit.

i don't know how my children & grandchildren will be able to shoulder this debt.

goodbye healthcare, goodbye cpp, goodbye canadian military... it's been nice knowing you.