03 July 2016

Like a Fish needs a Bicycle

Hillary 2016...

insert alt text hereI double-dawg dare you.



The State Department’s inspector general has already issued a report highly critical of Clinton’s email practices, asserting that she failed to seek legal approval to use a private server and that staffers would not have assented if they were asked.
Is Hillary, just like Slick Willie, above the law?

I guess we'll find out.


Anonymous said...

I worked at my share of tech companies in a management roll, and despite HR PC training, the managers all agreed from experiences in the UK and US that hiring college indoctrinated women was just inviting confrontational politics into your department operations. No matter how the candidate's academic record looked, the bottom line with most of these was politics and work place disruption - only once did I see this assessment proven invalid.

Yes, even the more experienced women in management avoided BA/Bsc degree female candidates in their hire cycles. The ideal candidate always had an established work record and verifiable employer recommendations.

Anonymous said...

By definition if she has done nothing wrong with the email account, and no classified records or secrets have been compromised, then they should be able to release it all, non-redacted, to the American public...

If there was no classified or secret information contained in the email then there's nothing sensitive or secret the public shouldn't have access to and it should now under their own laws be all free to view to the public domain.

Neo Conservative said...


the most disruptive people in the workplace are invariably the folk who bring their genitals into work. the worst example i ever came across was a gay guy in the it dept who walked around barefoot and was always showing off his newest slogan-festooned pink t-shirt. it made the macho assholes in the trading room insane with rage.

women who have to prove their "equality" are also up there on the disrupt index. if you just do the job you don't have to be at war with everybody.

don't ask, don't tell... don't care.

hillary is a one-trick pony... and i'm sick and tired of hearing about how her vagina will make the world a better place.


Bill E said...

Neo - I need a trigger warning any time you talk about Hillary's vagina, the metal image invokes a vomit reflex in me

Neo Conservative said...

my bad.