15 July 2016

Messing with Darwin

On every eco-greenie "colony of marmots or somesuch" show ever broadcast, sooner or later, without exception, nature thins out the herd...will of allah

In 2014, the most recent year in which statistics are available, a total of 258 people died as a result of a drug overdose in Toronto. That’s compared to 146 in 2004.
Now, for some folks, the solution is to start giving away hypodermic needles and provide safe, nurturing spaces for the continued abuse of narcotics. In Vancouver, the government is actually handing out pharmaceutical grade heroin on the taxpayer dime.
For the next two years, the recipients will report to a heavily secured safe injection site in Vancouver's downtown Eastside three times a day, seven days a week. Once there, they will be given their physician-approved fix and allowed to inject themselves under the supervision of a nurse.
I'm thinkin'... we don't provide dedicated pub/race tracks and trained safety officials for drunk drivers.

It might be an opportune time to mention that my personal record for waiting in a hospital emergency room with a sick, fevered child in my lap is seven freakin' hours . What's the average wait time at Junkies R Us?

What's next... defensive driving & gun safety courses for gangbangers?
Toronto police have identified the 20-year-old man killed after shots were fired from one vehicle into another in North York Wednesday afternoon. In a release issued Thursday afternoon, investigators identified the man as Abdirizak Hersi.
You call the tune, you gotta pay the piper.


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If you're gonna jump in and save any part of the national demographic... don't you think these guys should get priority?
"Veterans of Canada’s Armed Forces who have been diagnosed with mental illnesses are being told they must wait several months before the federal government will pay for psychological counselling."
I guess Justin's got other balls in the air.


Bill E said...

Neo: you're fond of saying political correctness (AKA self destructive progressivism) kills - certainly does Ollie - it kills all the right people - mostly progs and prog pet victim groups - like junkies.

In that respect PC serves Darwin in cleansing the gene pool

Neo Conservative said...

"bill e says... it kills all the right people"

like 11 year old brodie copeland?

sorry, bill... nobody in nice deserved to be murdered... whatever they believed.


Bill E said...

Nature is age and color blind Neo - no one "deserves" to die because their government doubles down on stupid - but obviously it happens

- never make the mistake of placing moral values on a force of nature

- and stupid is right up there with floods, earthquakes and tsunamis for body count - the sad fact of death by stupid is it is largely preventable.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says............it always warms my heart when the government thinks that breaking the law and helping addicts shoot illegal drugs is a good thing.

Neo Conservative said...

my apologies to bill... i confused this post with the bombing in nice.