18 July 2016

Warning... leaping off high buildings...

...could have POSSIBLE ADVERSE health consequences...greasing the skids to hell

"It is especially disturbing when we see such a large number of paralyzing spinal injuries in a short period of time, and even more concerning when it requires significant amounts of surgical intervention to try reverse them,” said Chief Medical Health Officer, Dr. Victoria Lee."
Yet another victory for the "No Dumbass Left Behind" demographic.


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The Homicide Squad is rounding up farmers, hunters & sport shooters as we speak.
TORONTO - A man in his 20s was in life-threatening condition after being shot multiple times on Goldsboro Rd. in the Islington Ave. and Finch Ave. W. area Sunday afternoon. Two men were seen fleeing in a white car. One is described as black, in his 20s, tall with a muscular build wearing black clothing. The other is described as black, 5-foot-7 with a stocky build and wearing blue jeans.
Black Lives Matter Toronto was apparently not available for comment.


Bill E said...

Heh, love the sign in this post Neo - you're getting it; 'stupid kills'

A seemingly logical response would be to outlaw stupidity, but this very act itself would be stupid because people deeply infected by the stupid pathogen believe their actions to be smart. Besides, without stupid running its natural course Darwin would be out of work.

Also next to hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe is stupidity - so it would be as successful as banning carbon.

Neo Conservative said...

if the justice warriors would step back and let social darwinism take its course, the world would soon be a much less disordered place.

if you refuse to hand over money to panhandlers, they will be forced to attempt more productive lives. if you don't subsidise single welfare mothers, increasing monies child by child... it would cease to be an industry.

obviously, society simply isn't prepared to adequately pursue & punish drug dealers. instead of being treated like hapless infants, junkies should be allowed, without state aid, to shoot whatever poison they wish into their veins. at some point, the problem would simply disappear. safe injection sites should not have priority over the overburdened hospital emergency rooms.

there isn't a single social welfare program in the world that isn't immediately swamped as it is rolled out. if you build it, they will come... and come... and come...


Bill E said...

Well, that is a theory proven true by the migration of international welfare shoppers (AKA economic migrants) - I;m just waiting for the indigenous population of welfare robbers to discover there is a finite amount of freebees to go around and as these new welfare shoppers flood in they will be putting a big dent in the lush welfare of the native pogie kings who now must share as entitlement rationing begins in earnest while climate warriors and green carpet-baggers shut down domestic wealth engines and more working class are on entitlement.

Gonna be a dog fight over the reduced table scraps going into the "safety net" - in America the "safety net" was designed to keep the tribal welfare hordes docile and in concentrated urban ghettos - as welfare goodies thin out they will become tribal and steal from the newer welfare tribes - then when the taps shut down - the zulus will be raiding into the gated communities - this is where it gets really interesting because this is where the smug proggy left reside.

Darwin will be having a virtual buffet of natural selection in the coming decades - thanks to stupidity's greatesy ally, the SJW