08 July 2016

One of these things...

...is not like the other...media duped againWhy would the mainstream media so blatantly ignore Philando Castile & Lavish Reynolds colourful social media contributions? Take a look for yourself.


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The media and the politicians... based solely on this video performance... have already decided to throw the cops involved under the bus...

"Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton said at a press conference there is “every indication” excessive force was used in the shooting and said he does not think Castile would have been shot dead if he was white."
Did the Governor just label Officer Jeronimo Yanez as both a "sociopath" and a "racist?" Based on what exactly? More to the point, what happened to the much ballyhooed "presumption of innocence?"

Remember, this video doesn't start until after the shots have been fired, there is absolutely nothing that shows any of what actually led up to this shooting.

There is only one voice being heard right now and contrary to the sympathetic mainstream media narrative, Lavish Reynolds isn't exactly a model citizen.scammerDo yourself a favour. Just close your eyes and listen to the audio. After seeing a man shot multiple times right beside her, Lavish Reynolds whips out her phone and begins an eerily calm & condemnatory exposition that sounds like it came from a bad highschool play.
"We got pulled over for a busted tail light in the back," Reynolds said. “They killed my boyfriend. He’s licensed he’s carried so he’s licensed to carry. He was trying to get out his ID and his wallet out his pocket and he let the officer know that he was that he had a firearm and he was reaching for his wallet and the officer just shot him."
The officer, in direct juxtaposition, is extremely upset and appears to be in a state of disbelief about what just happened. Only when he realises what the woman is doing, does the cop react...
I told him not to reach for it,” before yelling 'fuck.'
Remember, contrary to the Hollywood narrative, shooting someone is every cops worst nightmare. Just listen to the audio a couple of times and tell me something here doesn't stink to high heaven.

It has been widely reported that Philando had a valid CCW, but I've yet to hear that from any official source. If this is so, his apparent connection to the Crips street gang suggests a less than vigorous screening process in the state of Minnesota.

Hopefully the officer was wearing a bodycam and we'll get to see the whole story.


Anonymous said...

the animals are out of control.

Neo Conservative said...

the media are pushing an agenda that sells papers and gives them eyeballs on their websites... heedless of the consequences.

well, the consequences are here.


Bill E said...

Never liked Glocks - no hammer, double action cocking, no way to "decock" easily, no way to tell the state of the weapon's condition - a very unsafe weapons platform in the hands of a green, nervous overcafinated cop

- I remember when they were first issued, a bunch of cowboy cops shot their feet, groins and legs doing old west quick draws from their pants waist band.

I think this is a nervous AD but there was cause to draw on the suspect after he admitted having a gun. There was no cause to shoot him having not deployed a gun.

Bad shoot for the cops, as opposed to the one in Baton Rouge which dusted an armed gangster who had threatened people with a gun moments before.

I hear the white house hoodie wants " police reform" - is that alinsky code for; yo five-oh, leave off the bad brothers when dey be bangin' "

Neo Conservative said...

sorry, bill... have to disagree. i know many folks who own glocks... no problems, no accidental discharges and if you don't know if your gun is loaded... well, you have no business owning one.

this is the result of what we at the gun club used to call "the jerk on the trigger". in fact, as a result of widespread police incompetence, glock started offering an 8 lb. "new york trigger".

of course, that didn't stop a local hastings county officer from shooting himself in the hand two weeks ago. apparently he was cleaning his gun at the cop shop after returning from safety requalification at a local gun range.

as for the philando castile shoot, all we have to date is a video the girlfriend started to shoot after the event occurred.

you've convicted the cop on that basis? the cop doesn't get to offer up a defense?

i'm more than a little surprised at that.


Bill E said...

Well you're the pistolero Neo - I'm a casual plinker compared to you, but I have put my dues in as a range SO and in the clubs I belonged to to - the ADs were pretty much all Glocks - and the same excuse - didn't know what state the gun was in and/or pre-target acquisition trigger jerk on a DA auto.

Hamerless DA or exposed hammer pistols are a personal preference but I like the hammer for instant condition reference and truly positive safety my "race gun was a 1911 but I like big wheel guns for accuracy and one shot hits toppling pins and metal targets (maybe even rolling them a few yards after sucking up the impact) - like comparing an exposed hammer lever gun to an AR15 - all a matter of making a safety/function trade off to send more sustained fire down range.

Wheel gun rant mode off. ;-)

Bill E said...

BTW - Neo, I said it was a "bad shoot" - defensible but really bad police work. Someone that nervous/paranoid/green should not be a front line cop.

Neo Conservative said...

bill, i've gotta ask... who were these people who were having accidental discharges? in all my years in ipsc and three years of new york state concealed carry... (carrying a cocked & locked 1911)... i personally have never had an a.d. at the range.

as far as complicated... well it's exactly the reverse. glocks have a small pre-trigger (the slack has to be taken up and reset with every full pull) but it's essentially just double action only. and that's pretty clear cut. and again, more to the point, you have to be a moron not to know if you have a round (rule #1, all guns are always loaded) in the pipe.

as far as this being a "bad shoot", i'm not willing to take the word of a drug-addled alcoholic with a desire for celebrity. the video was all done after the fact. listen to her flat affect and the calculated exposition designed to make the cop look bad. does this woman sound like a person who has had multiple rounds fired in a small confined space, into a body beside her?

anybody who carries knows how to de-escalate a situation like this. fbi agents are taught to put crossed hands out the window by the car mirror and ask for explicit instructions. i'm still waiting for someone official to say this guy was ccw qualified... because anybody who announced they had a gun and then threew a hand behind their back is just asking to be lit up.


Bill E said...

bill, i've gotta ask... who were these people who were having accidental discharges?

Don't hate me for this but one was an RCMP officer (I won't reveal the division or detachment) the other two were just yer average metrosexual mooks trying to live the die hard dream - we never had IPSC on these ranges - just 15'/25ys target, olympic small bore, rapid fire steel out to 50 yd, then silhouette and pin shoots.

Maybe IPSC sanction is the magic.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill e says... Maybe IPSC sanction is the magic."

ipsc training, more likely. you don't get to compete until you earn your black badge... back in the 80s it was 15 timed & scored stages that increased in complexity & distance.

drawing from a holster, shooting from barricades, running to cover, weak hand only... made police qualification drills look like shooting fish in a barrel.

ps... rcmp guy wasn't shooting a sig?