21 July 2016

His original plan to wear...

...pink leather chaps & body glitter was vetoed by hospital administrators...look at me, look at me!!!!

"I'm optimistic that the patient will get better and I DON'T HAVE TO WEAR THEM for too much longer."
Sure thing, Doc... it's a burden, but SOMEBODY HAD TO DO IT, right?

Meanwhile, in other "look at me, look at me" news... the PM is exercising Lloyd Axwothy's Made in Canada "Soft Power™" Philosophy...
"Mr. Erdogan has also said he will consider public demands to reinstate the death penalty."

“It’s a good thing that democracy prevails,” Mr. Trudeau said in response to questions from reporters.
Oh, Justin, that's not soft... that's positively flaccid.


Bill E said...

What ever will this faint-hearted surgeon do when the bodies start piling routinely from these Islamic outbursts which Euro-crats are telling people there that they must now accept as normal/routine.

Better buck up in a hurry Dr. weak knees, Islam is coming.

Neo Conservative said...

in anticipation of a flame-war from members of all 43 newly discovered facebook genders... sorry dudes, dudettes and variants of same... all i see here is a guy who wants to suck the oxygen out of the room and draw attention to himself. where's the conversation about islamic terrorism or muslim homophobia?

witness doctor humble's plans for the shoes after the last patient is discharged... he wants to keep them in his office to further his campaign to win the "look at me!!!! virtue-signalling olympics."

"'I'd love to have them in my office and this is a way of talking about that event... it's taking care of ourselves,' he said."

indeed it is.

and, oh yeah... the last thing a heath care professional needs is to get all obsessive-compulsive about contagion from what is, essentially medical waste...

"Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are among the top five leading causes of death in the United States, striking 4.5 of every 100 patients admitted to the hospital. A new study finds that trauma patients who develop HAIs during treatment have up to six times the in-hospital mortality rate than similar patients without HAIs."

so, ixnay on the eakersnay, you shy, non-spotlight seeking healer.


Frances said...

Gives off much the same vibes as when heard of that abortionist who kept baby parts pickled in his office.

Neo Conservative said...

more healer, less celebutard.