22 July 2016


Answering that age-old question... "What sort of degenerate pimps out a 16 year-old girl?" stereotypes come from somewhere

"Meet Semere Netzereab, Minyaal Wur, Elyas Yusuf, and Yonis Osman."
Apparently, these budding criminal geniuses forgot to read the relevant chapters from "Prostitution Rings for Dummies."
Last month, the same 16-year-old was lured to a hotel in York Region where she was confronted by three of the suspects previously charged along with a fourth man.

They forced her into a car and took her to 22 Division (Peel Regional Police), where she was told to recant her statement with regards to the January incident.

Instead, she advised the police of the situation and three of the four suspects were arrested.

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Toronto police are investigating three separate overnight shootings that sent two people to hospital.
Curiously, no one from Black Lives Matter was available for comment.


Bill Elder said...

Just another enterprising outing for the conservative Christian youth league - nice enterprising young men - this must be the benefits of unscreened open borders immigration from the 3rd world the media narrative tells us of.

Please see if the MSM even follows this up at the trial stage I'm interested in seeing the sentences.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........those vibrant animals, I can no longer say people, because they are less than human and should be cooled to room temperature as soon as possible.

Neo Conservative said...

let's blame it on cultural relativity...

"At the opening ceremony of Sweden's Gothia Cup on Monday, a gang of North African men surrounded and groped three 16 year old girls. Police arrested the team’s 35 year old manager for sexual assault."


Bill E said...

Old white guy - in the small town I was raised in scum like this would be given the Christian option - either leave town and never return or learn to live out of a wheelchair the rest of their lives

- great leaps in restorative justice have been achieved by concerned citiens and Louisvive slugger med weights.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says............in my small home town we had Lebanese, Syrians, and a few Jews. They, not the Jews, were Catholic and everyone got along. Islam was not on our radar.

Bill E said...

OWG - I guess my point is that almost all the adults in my home town were family people - At one time there were more kids than adults. All the girls had fathers and brothers who would never stand for some pervert harming them. Pedophiles, rapists, were on the top of the list of most "unwanted".