29 July 2016

The most trusted name...

...in search engine "gerrymandering"...

Googling the presidential candidates Wednesday morning didn’t produce the exact results some people would expect. Donald Trump wasn’t included. Neither was Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson.

NBC4 reached out to Google to ask about the issue. Around noon Wednesday, Trump and Johnson were both added back to the Google search results.
Bias? What bias?


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Orwell was right... War is peace and criminal thugs are suddenly victims... to the Democrats anyway...
Even Attorney General Eric Holder's Justice Department had to concede the whole "hands up don't shoot" story was a bald-faced lie. But at the Democratic Convention, Lezley McSpadden (mother of Mike Brown) was wildly cheered.

Donald Trump, along with every other Republican ever to run for president, is required to repeatedly "disavow" David Duke -- someone he's never met, never mentioned, never thought of, and certainly didn't invite to speak at his convention.

But Hillary invites to her convention the mother of a man whose criminality destroyed a police officer's life, tore the country apart and gave birth to a murderous cop-hating movement. Will a single reporter ask Hillary to disavow that?
Of course not.


Anonymous said...

To quote the Bern and Trump - "it is a rigged system". Google thinks people are mushrooms and grow best in the dark.

Neo Conservative said...

over at drudge, i read that the mainstream media has devoted 40% more coverage to the democratic convention than the republican.

look at all the screamin' headlines about how dangerous trump is.

meanwhile hillary is, once again, skipping along the edges of a felony indictment.

the system is so broken i don't know if it can ever be fixed.


Bill E said...

Google weighted rankings for search results have been jerry-rigged for at least 5 years towards golbalist narratives and talking heads - I never use the thing because of this censoring/filtering

Neo Conservative said...

in business, as in war... the victor gets to write the history.

you control the narrative, you control the people.


robins111 said...

Isn't it interesting that the Dem candidate is never required to disavow the Nation of Islams Louie the lip.

Neo Conservative said...

"robins111 says... never required to disavow the Nation of Islams"

the dems had the mother of michael brown, yes, ferguson's gentle giant, as a keynote speaker at their convention. remember michael brown's stepfather telling ferguson rioters to "burn this bitch down"?

the democrats are practically endorsing the murder of law enforcement officers.