06 July 2016

Crack CTV reporting fails to mention...

...which gun club the banquet hall shooters belonged to...

Raymond Powell, 29, and Adrian Pascal, 28, both of Toronto, were arrested that night. Three other suspects, Jason Beharry, 24, Devin Degoias, 20 and Jason Maragh, 30 are each facing an aggravated assault charge.
A 33-year-old man who was shot in Ajax late Monday night has been pronounced dead, police confirm. The victim has been identified by Durham Regional Police as Vernie Ferrigon, 33, of Mississauga.
Curiously, Black Lives Matter Toronto wasn't available for comment... but, to be fair, they've been a little busy since the weekend...
Ever since the sit-in, however, Black Lives Matter Toronto has been the target of vicious, racist emails, some from members of the larger LGBTQ community, said Janaya Khan, a co-founder of the group. The hate mail is "100 per cent" made up of anti-black racism.

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Think of it as a casino... you play long enough, the house eventually cleans you out...greasing the skids to hell
"Many of my resources have come from addicts and harm reduction workers over say, councillors and therapists at the rehab."
Well... there's your problem right there.


Bill E said...

At some level most proggy GTA inmates "get it" - they live with and see the violence day to day and know it is restricted to a loser culture adopted by a certain visible minority - regardless of how authorities and the presstitutes spin it, they get it.

About the only people who don't "get it" are the intellectually inbred progs who live in non-diverse gated communities - and who staff the propaganda machines.

I feel sorry for people who "get it" they essentially see their police reduced to janitors who scrub up after street killings and then bullshit them about the perpetrators and do no preventative police work - they must feel very vulnerable - and of course the drugs and murder culture causing the shit are emboldened further by the authorities not even having the nuts to even say who is doing all the druggin' and killin'.

- GTA is a gun free shooting gallery, no different than Chicago or East LA or Detroit or Ferguson or Baltimore - and for the same reason - where ever progressia rules, inner city violence blossoms. GTA should be fly over country for anyone who has any self respect and a survival instinct

Neo Conservative said...

"bill e says... police reduced to janitors who scrub up after street killings"

when seconds count, police are only 15 minutes away.