22 July 2016

Bag-O-Hammers Inc.

Tweedledum just got tweedledumber...vacuous cruzThere's no way anybody could be this... wait a minute...

How could he not? With the Supreme Court in the balance, how could Ted Cruz not swallow hard and endorse the only man who can stop Hillary Clinton from choosing two and possibly five Supreme Court replacements?

This is a man who loves himself and his political career so much more than his country.
And I'm guessing Cruz still thinks it was a genius play. That's who this guy is.
"If you’re invited to dinner, you don’t eat the food, drink the wine, and then piss on the carpet."

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"Given the animus between Trump and Cruz during the campaign, the Texas senator had grounds to withhold his support, even after pledging to support the party’s nominee during the primary contest."
The best part is where the reporter says crowd was booing Trump when they were practically hoisting a tarred & feathered Cruz off the stage on the proverbial rail.


Bill Elder said...

It was great to watch Cruz commit political suicide. He ended his career that night, so knowing the conniving insider weasle he is, he must have a plumb sinecure lined up through the GOP oligarchy or perhaps the Klinton machine?

Neo Conservative said...

cruz still thinks he done good. he's too stupid to live.