07 July 2016

Comic books, history books...what's the diff?

There's a new supervillain in town...airbrushing the politburo

Marvel Comics has officially turned Donald Trump into a supervillain—a xenophobic, orange-haired, Captain-America-hating supervillain who is obsessed with the quality of his hands.

The villain is known as the Mental Organism Designed as America’s King, or more crisply, “M.O.D.A.A.K.
But they're not content to just leave things there... Marvel's got a whole new "Diversity Utopia"...airbrushing the politburo
Will Riri best Tony as the new Iron Man (uh, Woman)? “Her brain is maybe a little better than his.” Riri is only the latest in Marvel’s effort to introduce more diverse characters into their projects, including teenager Kamala Khan as Muslim Ms Marvel, Miles Morales as a black Latino Spider-Man, a Latina lesbian Ms America, The Falcon as the new black Captain America, and Jane Foster as the new female Thor.
You can never start on 'em too young, I guess.


Bill E said...

I make a prediction as an ex comic book maven - the "graphic novel" media will suffer the same fate as the co-opted dino media with readers leaving in droves - and for the same damn reason - neo-marxism is not sexy, you can't tart it up - it's still a sullen preachy inversion of reality that is boring sophistry and basically repulsive - especially to nerds.

Anonymous said...

I hear they made a comic book hero out of dear leader Justine too... His super power is incredible stupidity growing ridiculous looking facial hair and being a terrible actor. His sidekick is a Buttplug named Gerald... Ka-Plah!

wwmike said...

Marvel comics is truly in decline
I expect readership to go to near zero

Neo Conservative said...

"bill e says... a sullen preachy inversion of reality that is boring sophistry and basically repulsive - especially to nerds."

this seems to be all the rage these days... like having james bond suddenly become a black man... or the broadway play "hamilton."

forget about facts... let's construct a new utopian "reality."

bread & circuses.


Bill E said...

My point being Neo, is kids and losers buy superhero comics to live vicariously through the hero - If you think you can sell out a run of production to inner city blacks or gays or any other Marxist victim class minority, your dreaming. The market is not there.

Neo Conservative said...

and i think they must know that, bill.

i think, wisely or not, this is a straight out propaganda blast aimed at regular kids. it's the same multi-culti nonsense the liberals have been peddling since they came into power in ontario in 2003. start with the 5 year olds... bang it into their innocent little heads...