16 July 2016

The capricious & unknowable "Will of Allah"

Dear Prime Minister Feminista... here's something to discuss with your buddy Nawaz Sharif, say... the next time he's in the neighbourhood...insert alt text here

A Pakistani fashion model has been strangled to death by her brother after posting a photo with a Muslim cleric and joking about Ramadan online. Qandeel Baloch, real name Fauzia Azeem, was killed in her sleep by one of her six brothers.

Baloch has suffered the same fate as hundreds of other Pakistani women each year, as honor killings continue unabated.
Lest you imagine this is some sort of anomaly...
A Pakistani woman on Wednesday tied her 17-year-old daughter to a bed, drenched her in kerosene and set her on fire after discovering the young woman had eloped and gotten married without the family's knowledge.

Honor killings are depressingly common in Pakistan, with more than 1,000 last year alone.
Three people were seriously hurt and one suffered minor injuries in the attack with an axe and a knife in Wuerzburg.

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said the attacker was a 17-year-old Afghan refugee who had been living in the nearby town of Ochsenfurt. He told public broadcaster ARD that the teenager appeared to have travelled to Germany as an unaccompanied minor.

Police said the attacker fled the train but was chased by officers who shot him dead.
Answering the age old question, "What do centuries of cousin marriage and adherence to a stone age medieval theocracy do to an insular, inward looking culture?"


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The chief police witness in Parliament testified that on the night of the attacks, an investigating officer, tears streaming down his face, rushed out of the Bataclan and vomited in front of him just after seeing the disfigured bodies.

According to this testimony, Wahhabist killers reportedly gouged out eyes, castrated victims, and shoved their testicles in their mouths. They may also have disemboweled some poor souls. Women were reportedly stabbed in the genitals
Don't you fret, though... Justin's on the job...
"The Liberals have promised to appoint a co-ordinator of community outreach and counter-radicalization to serve as a needed focal point for multi-agency efforts. An announcement is expected soon."
A not unpredictable response from Prime Minister Barney the Dinosaur.


Anonymous said...


Neo Conservative said...

that's a pretty broad net you're casting there. while i believe that sharia law has no place in canada, there are educated muslims who are just looking to escape the barbarity of their homelands to live a north american life.

we have a local muslim businessman and the worst thing i've heard anyone say about him is that he spends too much time on the golf course.

we should be vetting immigrants about their willingness to integrate. anyone who doesn't embrace our values on what constitutes "civilised society" should be sent back home to stir their own pot.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ..........as long as they follow the koran all bets are off. education seems to be unable to overcome the evil that the koran imparts.

Neo Conservative said...

any sort of religious fanaticism should raise red flags.

more people have died on this earth from "my beads are holier than your beads" than any other man-made cause.

the trick is weeding out the death dealing crazies from the rest of the herd.