19 July 2016

I've never really understood...

...the utility of Twitter •pencils write poetry•• until just now...fighting backIt wasn't just MSNBC that tied itself in knots trying not to use the words Muslim, Islam or terrorist that night.

I was watching the CBC coverage and almost fell out of my chair as their talking head likewise laid the blame squarely on the evil truck... as though it was a character from a Stephen King horror flick.


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Bowing heads and placing teddy bears at the scene of these atrocities accomplishes nothing. How about a judicious slice of rage? If you're not off the charts pissed about this, I'd suggest there's something very wrong with you.


Anonymous said...

There is an idiotic notion that anger is bad and wrong.
Uncontrolled actions resulting from that anger may or may not be wrong.
But if you are not angry after these attacks something is wrong with you, or you think that they voted for stupidity and now they are paying for it.

Bill Elder said...

Euro weenie have had all normal survival responses bred out of them - they traded their survival instinct for socialist entitlement.

Now they see that EU socialist mega-state entitlements do not include personal survival from political terror - the teddy bear memorials thing after a mass murder is like watching lemmings stampeding over a cliff.

Neo Conservative said...

you won't know it from reading the cbc, but the two men arrested for the stabbing incidents in ottawa's byward market were muslim... one, of course, named mohamed.

do we have to experience a mass casualty event before waking up to the danger here?


Martin said...

Story now up at CBC from Canada Press about the "Afghan teenager" in the axe caper. Even though ISIS has claimed responsibility, Bavarian Minister Herrmann has this to say:
"Even during the first emergency call, a witness said that the attacker was shouting `Allahu akbar' on the train," Herrmann told ZDF Television earlier. "Also, during the search of his room, a hand-painted IS flag was found."

Herrmann said that it was too early to draw conclusions about the attacker's motive.

Right, one shouldn't jump to conclusions, he may have been deranged, depressed, a lone wolf, etc, etc. Any excuse to avoid stating the obvious will suffice.

Neo Conservative said...

"martin says... Herrmann said that it was too early to draw conclusions about the attacker's motive."

no wonder these folks think the time is ripe to establish a new caliphate.

sheep to the slaughter.