29 July 2016

"Let them eat shrapnel"

Never a Nobel Peace Prize winner around when you really, really need one...president oblabber

Increasingly, it appears that the Obama administration has written off Aleppo and with it the popular rebellion against Syrian strongman Bashar al Assad. The question of the moment, however, is why Washington seems to have no interest in the war crimes Russia commits as part of that “interest in how things were going.”
Well, in his defence, President Narcissus has been busy...
"In total, we counted 119 times Obama referred to himself during his speech ostensibly about Hillary Clinton."

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Granted, Trump could very well be lying his face off about his isolationist stuff. Let’s look at the last guy, Obama, who outright promised he would get us out of all these stupid wars. Well, Obama, as it turned out, was apparently OK with Clinton’s big plans for dealing with Assad.

Trump has said he won’t let all the refugees that Clinton’s war created pour into the country willy-nilly, but at least he’s not the person who made them refugees in the first place.

If you think closing the borders is worse than bombing people, I don’t know what to say to you.
If it's any consolation, Aleppans... Obama doesn't give a rats ass about Chicago either... and that used to be his hometown.


Bill E said...

Obama has no time to commit to the nation's security these days he's busy mobilizing his shock troops in the event of an inevitable landslide Trump win - which will essentially end the globalist agenda of destroying America from within and imprison him, Hillary, and sundry other Chicago Dem mafia czars like Holder, Soros et al.

I believe he is planning either a false flag incident to declare a state of emergency and declare FEMA law, thus avoiding an election OR a convenient accident for Trump (sparking a 2nd patriot revolt) - it's serious enough threat of global destabilization that Putin has offered to interfere in a US election to prevent a globalist coup in the US by releasing the really damning Hillary Emails

I don't fully trust Putin but he is a nationalist and that makes him more trustworthy than Obama or Clinton, or Selfie boy who will sell us out to globalist king pins.

Neo Conservative said...

as the innocent citizens of aleppo are slaughtered by assad and russian air power... obama is planning his incredibly profitable transition to citizen life. it's time to collect on 8 years of favours he did for all the big lobbyists.

how does this guy sleep at night?


Bill E said...

If Trump wins, Obama's future is a jail cell - $20 sez he will either pull a false flag attack or escape off shore or seek diplomatic immunity from prosecution by taking a UN functionary position.

This is human vermin - same as the Clintons - concentrated evil. By comparison Putin is a statesman.

Neo Conservative said...

well, bill... teddy kennedy's car has killed more people than all my evil guns combined... and he's a hero to american democrats.

if hillary gets in, she'll be the second, less than qualified, affirmative action president in a row.

as far as thieving from the public purse is concerned, despite accumulating more debt than every previous administration, o'blabber is a rank amateur compared to the clintons.

i don't even want to contemplate her foreign policy and immigration plans.