14 July 2016

No biggie, says mainstream media...

...we'll turn Lavish and Philando into Bonnie and Clyde...insert alt text here

Police sources have confirmed that investigators have linked the cigarette tax stamps from a July 2nd (armed) robbery to the vehicle driven by Philando Castile and Lavish Reynolds.
Okay, BLM... you're up. Make it good, bro.


UPDATE: Best strippah name, evah!!!

Lavish Diamond changes her fairy tale, er... story...
Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, has now given an interview, with her attorney, to ABC News, in which she seems to radically alter her story about the gun in the car.
Say it isn't so.


RELATED: No comment yet from BLM Toronto
One young man was killed and his cousin was wounded in a wild shooting involving two moving vehicles on a North York residential street near Sheppard Ave. W. and Jane St., just before 5 p.m.in broad daylight Wednesday.

Few details are available on suspects. Police said only that two black males were in the car that fled.
The mayor's office has yet to confirm which gun club the shooters belonged to.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says.........the truth has no place in the b l m movement.

Carlos Perera said...

You have just published a _hatefact_. It does not fit the "narrative," hence it shall be blithely ignored by the MSM . . . and if Hillary becomes President, be prepared to have your income tax returns audited for the past six years.

Neo Conservative said...

orwell was right... war is peace, etc...


Bill E said...

"hate fact" - Carlos I'm stealing this one - beauty way to go eh!