26 July 2016

That's the worst kind of discrimination...

...the kind against me...

Vehicle stop, dark night... all alone and seconds to decide if that's a gun or a cellphone.

Too late, you're dead.good kill

"The reporter asked BLM's Jarrett Maupin what conclusions he’d drawn from the experience. 'I didn’t understand how important compliance was,' said Maupin. 'But after going through this, yeah, my attitude has changed.'"

"This is all unfolding in 10 to 15 seconds. People need to comply with the orders of law enforcement officers — for their own sake."

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I don’t doubt there is racial bias in policing. There is also sex and age bias. In the last decade, my mother, 91, and I, 66, have sometimes interacted with EMS, including police (not that we ourselves had done anything of note). The rule seems to be: Old ladies are sort of cute. No one expects us to be armed (we aren’t). We have opinions, which we are allowed to express, but our opinions don’t matter.
Too true.


Bill E said...

Cops south of 49 are reeeally nervous now, I would think absolute compliance is a matter of survival. Sad it has gotten to this - Leftards blame gunz and white people, the right blame police training, and I sit squarely in the middle.

1) I'm absolutely convinced (from personal experience) there a lot of trigger happy, paranoid cops and cowboy cops who should not be in this line of work - guess in large metro forces they have to fill the ranks with whatever they get these days.

2) That said, there are still some good cops, even great cops, but they are fewer and fewer as retirement takes them - they aren't being replaced. This worries me as the new cops coming up are politically indoctrinated and trained in military response (essentially mind-conditioned droids of a pushy corrupt political system) - big civil trouble waiting to happen - we need to return to the Peel/watchdog mindset with local solutions to local problems - but in the current decay of the culture and globalist leadership I don't think that's gonna happen.

3) the high crime demographic (and you know who you are) have to clean up your act ASAP or eternally attend funerals - in your case death by cop is a darwinian outcome of your degenerate culture. You are your own worst enemies, and the over taxed majority you rob and plunder are getting fucking sick of you blaming them for your own cultural lethargy/dysfunction

4) Police have to gain a civil consciousness that acts as a buffer against the SJW indoctrination they are exposed to - when I see grotesque over reactions to "politically incorrect crimes" like the Dad in Kitchener who was roused, cuffed, strip searched, and illegally detained while a unwarranted search of his home trashed his place and scared the hell out of his family - because his daughter drew a picture of "daddy shooting monsters" at school, I fear for the thin blue line being misappropriated as a personal army of SJW administrators. They have to refuse political correct directives that compromise their professional objectivity.

All that said, I would never want to be a cop because the body count of scumbags I had to interface with would be far worse than the paltry numbers BLM diaper-wet over. Cops (good or bad) are the first line of defense between us and the jungle, for that I'm thankful - saves me dealing with these scuds on a daily basis.

So whatever a cop has to do to stay alive to collect his pension is not really a matter for monday morning quarter backs.

Neo Conservative said...

bill, there are power-trippers out there, but i believe it's more of a yank than a canuck problem.

affirmative action has a part to play in this as well. used to be cops were strapping, physically fit 6 footers who could handle themselves hand to hand... now, a goodly number are much smaller women and third worlders who have no defensive options but to go straight to guns or run away.

there was a shooting in durham region a while back where a father and son jumped a male cop and he ended up shooting them when tried to beat him to death.

meanwhile, his female partner ran and hid behind the squad car. she apparently retired on medical grounds shortly after the incident claiming she was traumatised.

dumb down the standards and you get less able officers. there's a reason cops used to be big, strong men.

sorry ladies... just the facts.


Anonymous said...

old white guys says..........just read your post about death threats. I know cops in the US are under extreme duress these days. I was always told to keep both hands on the wheel when approached by a trooper. I always am prepared to defend myself, even here in the frozen north of the frozen minds, but I would never push a cop.

Neo Conservative said...

"owg says... I was always told to keep both hands on the wheel"

as a one time possessor of a ccw permit, we were told, if stopped by police, one... lock hands on steering wheel at 10 & 2 o'clock, two... annunciate clearly, "officer, i have a new york state pistol permit and a firearm with me in this vehicle... what would you like me to do next?