28 July 2016

Because it's 2016

...right, Justin?that secretive, controlling stephen harperI mean, you must've admired ol' Hunter enough to appoint him to Cabinet, right?

Asked several times why he would not simply deny the accusations if they were not true, Mr. Tootoo continued to repeat what sounded like prepared remarks.
Yessirree, it's like a breath of fresh air... a welcome change from that secretive controlling Harper oligarchy... wait a minute...
"His status with regard to the Liberal caucus remains unchanged."
But, hang on... the Honourable™ Hunter Tootoo seems to be calling the Prime Minister a liar...
"Tootoo insisted it was his decision to leave the government. The decision to leave … was mine, and mine alone. I chose to step away from cabinet and from caucus."
Not to get all obsessive-compulsive here... but isn't this where any "professional journalist" worth a donkey fart notices that either Tootoo or Trudeau is trying to pass off a big, fat lie... and aggressively pursues THAT story.

Yeah, that's a good one. Because it's 2016.


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...we all knew what was going on back in early June...insert alt text hereHunter Tootoo must have really crossed a line... even the Justin Network has been told he is no longer a "protected species"...
Tootoo also evaded questions on CBC's Northbeat Wednesday night on what prompted him to resign in May.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........I knew all would be well in Canada the minute a liberal government was in control. lies are no longer lies and sun shines out of every orifice. things have become unicorn like.

Bill E said...

Junior is a petty vindictive self-righteous little twat who is in a constant tantrum to get his way - watch the old Sun News videos and ambush interviews - he has emotional development of a 5 year old. The typical output of a spoiled brat raised by the hired help.

Old Toots may be an inebriate but at least he's a self-made man and comes by his proclivities honestly. When he's likkered up or drying out WYSIWYG. He doesn't put on an act of respectability when on cameral like his drama queen PM. I can see why Junior was attracted to a guy who like getting stoned and chasing puss but he can't associate himself with anybody so openly honest about their failings - it's positively "un-Liberal"..

Neo Conservative said...

pierre-lite says he ditched tootoo much.

tootoo says he stepped down, totally on his own.

neither will admit to what event/crime actually provoked this event.

the media says... okay, we're good with that... and it's probably stephen harper's fault anyway.

welcome to the new, improved canada.