11 July 2016

Meanwhile, the Mainstream Media...

...continues its mindless primate-like grooming of the trustfund offspring of Canada's most famous & erratic flower child...bias, what bis

"Stephen Harper may be gone as prime minister, but his body odour still stinks in the Canada Revenue Agency. A CBC report one week ago revealed that the CRA is still auditing charitable organizations suspected of political activity."

"The audits all started under Harper’s paranoia about anyone or anything that challenged his priorities."
Wait a minute... Justin Trudeau has been (majority government) Prime Minister for nine months and he hasn't done anything about this horrific injustice?

What's up with that?

More to the point... "his body odour still stinks?"

This one line tells you everything you need to know about "professional journalism" in Canada.


Frances said...

He's to busy getting the CRA to hassle small business owners. Remember his comments about how incorporating was just a way for a person to avoid tax? May well be true for him and his buds, but definitely not true for the small business owners I know who are struggling to keep going and who may well be put out of business should a corporation be defined as one employing more than - say - five workers.

Neo Conservative said...

well, frances... i guess justin and the liberals have been focusing on the larger players in the canadian market...

"Canada has soared in global rankings to become the second biggest arms dealer to the Middle East."

funny how justin has decided how he can just dance around that nasty stephen harper's "witchhunt" after the librano majority government has been in power for nearly a year now. you think the msm might be asking a few more questions about those witch friendly liberal priorities.


Anonymous said...

This from the Kelowna Accord rules for commenters made me burst out laughing!

Be Nice.
No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism that is degrading to another person.

Martin said...

Thoughtful Canadians might ask why the CRA never has gotten round to investigate the David Suzuki Foundation. Dr fruit Fly intervened for Dalton McGuinty the last election he contested, and he has just completed an add for Wynne that borders on child abuse; this concerning climate change and the stark alternatives to not following Liberal policy doctrine. In a too cute by half measure, Fruit Fly has disassociated himself legally from his foundation board, so he can pursue his political goals. Most fair mined voters concede his right to engage politically, just that his foundation should register as a political party, or a religious organization, not a charitable entity.

Neo Conservative said...

hmmm... perhaps that harper witchhunt juggernaut the media is describing has decided to take a summer vacation.

i am a little puzzled, though. if justin trudeau has a majority government why can't he just call off the evil harper pogrom?


Bill Elder said...

Non Charity charity tax free cryto-commie orgs and "foundation" laundromats have been the major funding artery for 5th column bolsies for decades - of course they squeal like stuck pigs when the trough is closed off - communism is never self funding - it takes 1%er alliances to wash money into the commie pressure groups who will deliver the monopoly markets the crony capitalists want.

Anonymous said...

Nony sez: "Be Nice.
No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism that is degrading to another person."

hoe about the Marx "ism" spilling out of their toilet paper? That is racist, sexist and offensive to all humanity - guess that perspective only matters whether your sewing or being spewed upon.

Neo Conservative said...

on the advice of mrs neo, i stopped watching television news a couple of years ago... i guess she got tired of watching me almost stroke out every day.

much happier now.

the socialist bias in canadian & american journalism is beyond shocking.


Anonymous said...

I guess site owner unwilling to post facts that counter the fiction so popular among the armchair right. Truth is, Canadian media (as represented by newspapers) endorsed HARPER 95% in the two elections before 2015. In addition, at Harper's 24 Sussex press parties, reporters lined up to have their picture taken with Kim Jong Harper. If than happened with Justin, you guys would be screaming about it constantly. Gee - haven't seen many stories about either of those things.

Keep it up - hilarious!

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Canadian media (as represented by newspapers) endorsed HARPER 95%"

in what alternate universe?



Anonymous said...

2008 Election - 21 out of 25 papers endorsed Cons. 3 endorsed Libs, one NDP.

2011 Election - 28 out of 32 papers endorsed Cons, 2 endorsed Libs (not one major newspaper), 2 endorsed NDP (including Tor Star).

Neo Conservative said...

ah yes, wikipedia.

and 30 papers out of how many hundreds or thousands is science?

sounds a little like cherrypicking to me.


Anonymous said...

Try another source.


No cherrypicking involved. Not one single major city newspaper endorsed the Libs.

The media were so tightly entwined with the Harpercons that nobody bothered to point it out. The hilarious part is that even at that time many of the armchair right in the blogosphere would continue to peddle the falsehood that the media had a "Liberal bias".

Imagine of some fat friendly journalist helped the Libs win an election by going against all standard journalistic principles to air outtakes that out of context made a candidate look foolish
and was subsequently rewarded with a Senate seat?