22 July 2016

Ask a "professional" Journalist

Watch what happens when you upset one of Killery Kankles Kommandos...meet Nathaniel Friedman**********

UPDATE: Twitter's leftwing teabaggery

Predictably, Shoals was not sanctioned by Twitter for the blatant violation of their terms of service, despite the company’s decision to permanently suspend Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos last night for offending Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones.

Shoals has since locked his account, making his tweets “protected” from the public eye, and Twitter has apparently decided not to push any sanctions against him for his behavior.
Oh, it gets better...meet Bill Maher**********

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Bill Elder said...

Doncha just love gangsta-talkin' metrosexuak lefty snowflakes - you just know they'd be the first crying for their mamma in a real fist swinging rodeo.

As for twitter, I think they can't see the comet coming, even reddit is a better venue than the fascist kindergarten potty-mouth tantrum venue twitter has become

Neo Conservative said...

orwell was right.


Anonymous said...

The absolute meltdown from the left if Trump wins will be epic. My prediction : Trump wins, the left goes apocalyptic and low information voters start to notice what exactly the left is all about. A new political landscape.

Neo Conservative said...

after the latest terrorist mass casualty attack in munich, i imagine a lot of people will be much more sympathetic to trump's position on muslim immigration.