11 July 2016

Toronto Star reporter baffled...

...as disobedient bullet apparently escapes from homeless, wandering firearm...pencils write poetry, cars murder pedestriansYou know, like... when your cat wanders off into a neighbours backyard and craps on their begonias.


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insert alt text hereIn light of the recent massacre of 5 Dallas police officers by a homegrown "black power" terrorist group, the mainstream media has apparently been put on "Black & Blue" alert, with reporters scrambling to find egregious examples of law enforcement related racism to balance out the narrative. Unfortunately, those aren't as easy to come by as the CBC would have you believe.

I guess, with your editor hounding you for a story, sometimes you just gotta pick that low hanging fruit.

So here we go...

It seems the Bathurst, New Brunswick RCMP detachment had received several calls from concerned citizens reporting a “suspicious person” on the local wharf.

"Dauphin, who is the city’s director of parks, recreation and tourism, is black and believes that is why people contacted the police. The Ontario-native says the officer involved was respectful and just doing his job, but he feels it highlights a 'systemic problem' with regards to race."
Just not, as we clearly see here, in the local police force.

Why then the dramatic signoff to the article...
"The RCMP was not immediately available for comment."
Are the media now suggesting that police pick & choose which calls they should respond to... or was the reporter actually looking for a comment on the racist citizens of Bathurst, New Brunswick?

PS • Dear Canadian Press... if the RCMP aren't actually at fault here, why on earth were you pestering them for a comment?

PPS •• Dear Louizandre... a word of advice.

Even if you do have some unfortunate congenital facial disfigurement, if you show up at my door in the middle of the night sporting that crazy Jack Nicholson visage, I confess right here, my first impulse would be to dial 911.

I guess you'll just have to call up the media again and start screaming racism.


LAST WORD: The impending collapse of civilisation...
"Ma'am, hurt feelings aren't a police matter."
I got nuthin'.


Bill Elder said...

Best cancel all the ATTs from the BloodCrip gun club - oh yeah they don't need 'em.

Neo Conservative said...

not a single word from toronto star staff reporter fakiha baig about who might be doing all this shooting... never mind what gun club they belong to.

it's a stone cold whodunit!

nothing for it, but to have cops pick up all the farmers, hunters & sport shooters in the scarborough area.


Neo Conservative said...


here's a little nugget that'll upset the blm applecart...

"Police shootings of unarmed black men in the USA are down from around 100 a year in the 1960s to about 35 yearly these days. Taking into account the fact that America’s black population has roughly doubled in that timespan, on a per-capita basis, police shootings of black men have plummeted around 80% since the 1960s."


Anonymous said...

"call up the media again and start screaming racism."

Yeah, I have a good feeling at gut level that this BLM/MSM tag team vs the police, will not end well for either of these 5th columnists.

They are forcing people in the midst of a black gang war zone to choose between gang bangers or police - my guess is they will always chose the cops.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... my guess is they will always chose the cops."

were it only so. unfortunately, our government has created cultural hotspots, no go zones where the inhabitants are loyal not to their fellow citizens, but to their tribes.

look at the jamaican/west indian hellhole at jane & finch, or the somali enclave near kipling & dixon.

as long as the government is willing to foot the bill for these insular multi-generational welfare communities nothing will change.