24 September 2009

Your money, his friends

-- LONDON, Ont. -- It's up to London hospital boards -- not the province -- to deal with millions of dollars in contracts awarded without tender, Premier Dalton McGuinty said as the London contracting scandal erupted in the Ontario legislature yesterday.

A similar, but larger scandal is raging over $16 million in untendered contracts awarded by eHealth Ontario, a provincial government agency.
Anybody else seeing a pattern here?



Anonymous said...

William In Ajax said...

According to McGuinty, these appointees are self-policing and self-judging.
They will be self-correcting any monetary problems that should arise!
They are accountable to themselves and we should accept that they will do the right thing.

That makes us all feel so much better now doesn't it.
No word yet, as to how much will end up in Liberal party coffers.

Neo Conservative said...

just more nonsense from the mcslippery guy who promised not to raise your taxes.


Philanthropist said...

Corrupt Liberal criminals get away with stealing millions of dollars from the paycheques of Canadians, that's the pattern.