10 January 2009

Do the "right thing" - Part II

Remember Pasqualino Cornelio?

Looks like there actually was the possibility of legal remedy/relief in this case...

Once he discovered that he was not the biological father, there was a possible legal remedy for him - if the identity of the real dad was known.

"Family law provides for that kind of situation," says Harold Niman, a lawyer at Niman Zemans Gelgoot in Toronto and one of Canada's leading family law experts. "The husband could have sought some contribution from the natural father. He could have added him as a party to the proceeding to effectively have that person pay support or at least contribute to that support."
Of course... it all depended on having a reasonable judge... which apparently, wasn't the case here...
That Ms. Cornelio, perhaps conveniently, couldn't recall who impregnated her - she was on some meds at the time, she says - denied Mr. Cornelio that remedy.

But come on, Ms. Cornelio couldn't remember her lover? Please.

Sounds to me like she was just out to get her ex.

Special laws for "special people"

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Pissedoff said...

She is probably still screwing the guy.