01 June 2008

You start with that 'rule of law' stuff...

And we'll kill you.
"If an injunction is issued in Brantford in these circumstances, I have grave doubts that the peace will hold."
Geez... that doesn't sound so good. What's that word... you know, dammit... tip-o-my tongue... the opposite of peace?
"Moreover, I think it is important for the court to understand that organized groups, institutions and leaders with aboriginal nations will not have the authority to control the actions of the individual members of their communities."
Out of control, huh? You mean, like crazy?
"An injunction employed to restrain the exercise and assertion of aboriginal rights not only threatens the public peace and safety but fundamentally undermines the rule of law."
Hang on a sec there fella... lemme see if I've got this right.

No public peace... no public safety... no rule of law?

You mean you're gonna turn Ontario into one giant native reservation?

Okay... now I'm scared.