26 June 2008

Gotta watch that bias, huh Max?

I don't know if I can subscribe to the theory that justice is... or can even pretend to be... totally blind.

-- OTTAWA -- The Federal Court has struck down Justice John Gomery's 2005 finding that former prime minister Jean Chrétien bore some responsibility for the federal sponsorship scandal that rocked the Liberal government.

Justice Max Teitelbaum ruled Thursday there were indications of bias on the part of Gomery toward Chrétien during his commission of inquiry into the scheme, which resulted in $1.1 million of government sponsorship money being diverted to the Quebec wing of the Liberal party.
But hey... isn't bias a sword that cuts both ways?
Justice Max Teitelbaum effusively welcomed the now retired political heavy-weight.

"Before you are asked to be sworn in, Mr. Chrétien, on behalf of the court, I would like to welcome you here. The court truly appreciates you taking the time and making the effort to be here," the judge said. "You may have been given a copy of my judgment as to why I requested that you be here on a motion made by Samson First Nation peoples.

It's because of all you have done for this country as minister of Finance, I think, minister of Justice and, of course, minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development."

"So thank you, sir, for coming."
The prosecution rests.


"Finally , we have a Judge that confirms that Paul Martin and Jean Chretien were TOO stupid to know what went on under them during their reign of power."


Sammy said...

And that living corpse Craig Oliver was pissin in his pants orgasmic when discussing this on ctv.More animated than I've seen him in ages...couldn't even see the strings on his marionette arms being pulled today..he did it all on his own!Putrid stuff indeed.

Anonymous said...

What an ass-kisser! Sycophants like that Liberal appointee sit in judgement of us? The legal system is screwed - especially when judges kiss ass to crooks like Jean Chretien.

Babylonian said...

LMAO @ "living corpse Craig Oliver" and "marionette arms being pulled", really paints and accurate picture.

DoasIsaynotasIdoliberal said...

I agree with the judge. It would be insane to expect a Liberal PM to know anything about what is going on within their own government, let alone an illegal plan to siphon money back to his own party.

Unlike in a conservative government where the PM is 100% responsible for everything and anything done by anyone at all connected to government. Including every leak, comment, or even abandoned documents left in private bedrooms.

Neo Conservative said...

i've often thought that ol' craig bears an unccanny resemblance some cartoony old "bird of prey" from my childhood.

he gets excited... like this... it can be pretty creepy.


Kai Wolf said...

Now we all await the glee of Liberal supporters who will state that without a doubt, this clears Chretien.

And they will do this while ignoring, time and again, the instances where the Tories and/or Harper were cleared from any wrong doing the Liberals accused them of, yet will still insist they are guilty anyway.

As ever; hypocrisy, thy name is Liberal.

Reid said...

Craig Oliver reminds me of this guy:


Anonymous said...

Finally , we have a Judge that confirms that Paul Martin and Jean Chretien were TOO stupid to know what went on under them during their reign of power.

Sgt.Schultz would be proud of these two simpletons.

I see nothin
I hear nothin
I know NOTHIN....

This does beg the question that if we now know they are stupid and blind to any corruption , how could they have denied the rumours of the Illegal wads of cash being used to by votes?

James Goneaux said...

Funny, from what I've read, the legal opinion only says that Gomery was baised, and too informal. It says nothing about the evidence.

Or is it just me?

langmann said...

One thing I have always given Chretien credit for was his white paper on ending Indian Affairs and getting rid of the reserves. He recognized that the system was apartheid and ineffective. Of course the Chiefs opposed him (as they would lose all their power).

Of course he was much younger than, when his intelligence wasn't marred by politics.

maryT said...

This decision could also come back to bite liberals in the arse. Lots of ink about Harper and his cabinet etc. Well, it appears the liberals were so blind they didn't know what went on. If they were clueless about the sponsorship scandal, what else went on that they knew nothing about. Seems JC did not pay attention to who he put where and Martin didn't know where the money was going. That tells me they were both very incompetant.
PMSH is supposed to know everything, from who is sleeping with who, to videos made many years ago, liberals, They don't know and don't have to know anything.
What if this decision is appealed. Who appointed the Judge, that seems to come up every time a conservative is involved.

James Goneaux said...

BTW, Andrew Coyne agrees with me:


the ruling calls into question Gomery's conclusion, but not any of the evidence.

Sammy said...

To anonymous at 2:52...would that not be reign of 'terror' as opposed to reign of power???

syncrodox said...


Cherniak is claiming this vindicates JC and PM.

It seems the Shawinnigan Strangler was never tainted by those few bad apples and Dithers will be revered for his bold decision to call a public inquiry to root out the aforementioned rotten reds.

In the elfin ones opinion Dithers also can't be blamed for Gomery's appalling bias and obvious mean spirited attack of innocent grits.

All is well in Librano Land.


p.s. Check out Cherniak's new tagline. "As influential as the mainstream media."

It seems Susan Delecourt heard this phrase uttered on CBC radio, mentions this on her blog and presto Jason is elevated to Kinsellian like levels of influence.

The really funny bit here is Delecourt's blog post:


The quote in question seems to refer to Stephen Taylor as much as the mad elf.

It's getting nearly impossible to satirize these leftard assholes since they mostly seem to do it themselves.

Rich said...

Re- James Goneaux's link above to the Coyne article, the last line from the article is interesting:-
"CBC’s Rosemary Barton says Gomery is anxious to clear his name and is looking to the Harper government to see whether an appeal might be filed to Thursday’s court decision."

Neo Conservative said...

"rich says... Gomery is anxious to clear his name..."

that dastardly criminal gomery, huh?

how dare he try this sort of underhanded trick with sainted teflon jean?


Ontario Girl said...

According to the CBC National News tonight, the Conservative Government is going to appeal the decision....

gimbol said...

I concur with the earlier post that this judgement only seems to pass judgement on Gomery's tendancy to be too free with his remarks while the inquiry was under way, but does not refute the evidence nor the fact that tax dollars where funnelled to the liberal party.

Anonymous said...

Check your facts Anonymous before you go spewing your vile and pointless opinions. Max Teitelbaum was appointed to the Federal Court in 1985 by a CONSERVATIVE government and therefore is not some biased liberal appointee as you incorrectly state. Maybe you should read his judgement before you make your mind up based on the information you read on the back of cereal box.