21 June 2008

From Deseronto to Beijing

I bet you never knew infamous spokes-native Shawn Brant had Olympic aspirations...

Brant jumped out of his car, grabbed a six-foot-long fishing spear from the rear seat and ran towards the altercation, Lalonde said.

"His eyes were crazy-looking ... he was in a rage," he said, adding Brant ran up to the scene yelling "'Is it on? Is it on?'" Brant, he said, held the spear only a few feet away from his face, "and at that point, I knew it was time for us to get out of there.

"There was no doubt in my mind he would have stabbed me with it ... he had a crazy look in his eye." As he retreated to his truck, Lalonde said other protesters from up the road were arriving at the scene. "I told Michael to get in his truck and leave, which we did ... we left pretty quickly, of course."

As the two trucks sped away, Brant threw the fishing spear at Lalonde's truck like a javelin thrower, he recalled.

The spear struck the rear tailgate of his vehicle, he added.


g said...

When the rednecks approached the natives, they were shouting racial slurs at them, as only drunken racists can.

As the two trucks sped away, they spun their tires in the gravel, sending a volley of stones and pebbles at the native women and children. They later had to pick out the stones that became embedded in their skin. Fortunately, no one got one in the eye, or it would be them on trial, and should be anyway.

Looks like Shawn scared them shitless so they ran away, like the chickenshit drunken racists they are, which was his goal.

He threw the spear at the truck to mark it for future identification. It worked.

Neo Conservative said...

oh, good grief... this is priceless.

the only thing you're missing here, my aboriginal friend, is... "once upon a time..."


alan said...

"g" must think that Shawn Brant is 11 feet tall and shoots flames out of his eyes and eats boulders for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

"g" apparently must have to walk six miles uphill in the blowing snow each way, every day, to school - even during the summer months.

Randy said...

"...pick out the stones that became embedded in their skin." I call BS on this one. If that had happened, we would have seen it on the news for days!

Neo Conservative said...

"Randy says... '...pick out the stones that became embedded in their skin'."

i guess that's one of the hazards of a "vibrant oral culture"... never let the facts get in the way of a good story.