24 June 2008

Iran opts to stick with...

...that age-old, toddler-tested strategy of plopping down on their butt and screaming blue murder...

Iran has condemned as illegal new EU sanctions against Tehran over its uranium enrichment programme. A foreign ministry spokesman said the sanctions would make Iran more determined to obtain the technology.

The UN Security Council approved a third round of sanctions against Iran over the issue in March 2008.
Of course, if you're up against the doddering old United Nations... that just might work.

UN replies... "Hey, don't make me issue a 'sweeping condemnation'!"


RELATED: In other "Religion of Peace" news...
-- JERUSALEM -- Palestinian militants on Tuesday fired three homemade rockets into southern Israel, the first such attack since a cease-fire between Israel and Gaza militants took effect last week.

Israel condemned the attack as a "gross violation" of the truce, but did not say whether it would retaliate.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said the rocket attack came because of "Israeli provocation this morning" and added that Hamas was "committed to the calm." He said Hamas will talk with other factions and make sure they are committed, too.
Well, heck Sami... as long as you're going to "talk to them..."

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UPDATE: Guess what dickheads... "Rockets count."
Israel says it has closed its border crossings with Gaza in response to a Palestinian rocket attack on southern Israel that breached a ceasefire.

Hamas, which controls Gaza, said the closings violated the truce agreement.


Anonymous said...

No talks, no peace negotiations, no agreements, no truces, no settlements - nothing, except raw force is respected by the Arabs/Muslims.

They are quite willing to endlessly talk while they're weak and losing, but as soon as they have a little advantage in violence they will use it.

Is that not patently obvious to everyone?

The only person who has done anything to try and establish peace in the middle east in the past forty years has been George W. Bush. He is now being given sole credit for actually doing something - while those that were on side are busy running away from him. History will shine on him.

Neo Conservative said...

let's not forget... there's another heavy hitter in the lineup.

iran is, apparently, just too stupid to be scared.