24 June 2008

Police Officers with guns...

In our schools... I'm not joking...

The chief will meet with Toronto District School Board to discuss the school resource officer initiative that would assign 30 officers to schools across the city starting this fall.

Blair says the consistent presence of uniformed officers will help build trust between youth and police.
You mean, like it does... in the Jane-Finch corridor?


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The CHRC flushes another 75K down the shitter.



Anonymous said...

And the Officers will do what exactly? Charge the precious little snowflakes under the Youth Criminal Justice Act if they commit a crime? The whole point of this being what?

Anonymous said...


No one seriously believes in the stated objectives, so what exactly are the real ones?

Neo Conservative said...

this could get interesting.

wait until the first time some poor copper has to smoke a 15 year-old gangbanger 'cos he pulled his saturday night special.

that's when the excrement will really hit the air-conditioning.


Anonymous said...

The media has twisted the Jordan Manners murder and made it a Social issue and Failed-Schooling
problem , even though the Elephant in the Schools is another non-white/non-thin/non-married/non-abstaining/non-home owner/non-employed Parent from a non-cold climate .
Jordan died the very first day she chose to let the Government raise her child as she went bed-hopping to create more fatherless boys .
While the Media was obsessed by the Mothers whines for why it took 45 minutes for the 9-11 help to arrive in the School , I wondered why it took HER 15 years to finally get in the School and take an interest in her son only after he's was murdered via his Drugs/gantra's lifestyle.

I still want answers for how the Hell a boy can be shot in a hallway and laid there for the Alleged 15 Minutes and nobody heard or saw anything until Jordan's friend saw him and held his lifeless body as he took his last breathe .

Lests see how well the CBC does a 2 hour special to canonize Jordan and blame the death on Mike Harris and PM Harper.

Neo Conservative said...

hey... they're not welfare moms... they're champions of social justice.

and to answer your question... the kid who stayed with him... was later arrested and charged in the shooting.

another kid ran off.

"A couple of the boys were in the bathroom," he reveals. "They're all friends, and they were fooling around with the gun. One of them said, "Do you want to know what a real firecracker feels like?" And he placed it on Jordan's chest and it went off by accident."

"The story echoes previous tales about the 15-year-old getting into a fireworks fight in the parking lot of an abandoned plaza not far from C.W. Jefferys C.I., just hours before he was discovered murdered last Wednesday."

"At a press conference Monday, police confirmed that the two men charged with the killing were friends with Jordan. They also admitted they don't have a motive for why the two teens would allegedly want to harm him."

"And many community sources have also stated that one of the suspects was arrested because he stayed behind to help Jordan after he was shot."

one last thing... jordan manners street name was "stacks"... and, trust me, it wasn't because he spent a lot of time at the library.