24 June 2008

Answering this year's...

...biggest urban fashion dilemma... what all do you wear to an execution?

-- TORONTO -- Closed-circuit videotape of events leading up to the shooting death of a Toronto teenager in Etobicoke 10 days ago suggests it was “an execution,” the lead homicide investigator said Tuesday.

Both suspects live or lived close by the crime scene, police believe. Both are black men in their 20s.

The gunman was wearing what Det. Ryan said has been described as “ugly checkered red shorts knee length in size... I am hoping someone recognizes the shorts ... you can't miss them."
Just one question, Detective... "Which Toronto gun club did these two gentlemen belong to?"



I think the Dawg... needs a good worming.


Anonymous said...

Thank GOD, that David Miller's well thought-out and realistic ban on legal sports shooting will prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future. I'm impatient to see the success of his enlightened plan unfold, and witness the gangbangers singing kumbaya around a burning tire, while they pass around the doobie (the one they're smoking at City Hall these days should do quite well)

Neo Conservative said...

looks like mayor super dave is only foolin' himself.


Rich said...

For the life of me I cannot figure out why Miller just doesn't ban death and injury by gun or knife.
That CLEARLY would do it.
Or better still....ban ugly red checkered shorts.

Neo Conservative said...

i was kinda hopin' somebody would ban suckass political correctness.



Anonymous said...

An execution? Well perhaps there is stronger support for capital punishment than pollsters would have us believe? Bye, bye thug.