24 June 2008

Hence the term... "going postal"

Think about how much money, and more importantly, aggravation... we could save... by contracting this out to someone like Federal Express...

In May, 74-year-old David Oke discovered Canada Post was -- after 40 years -- no longer delivering mail to his bright green mailbox at the end of his driveway in rural Ontario. His service was stopped, he was told, because his name appeared on only one side of the mailbox instead of the requisite two.

His Peterborough County neighbour, Bruce Warr, 82, also stopped receiving mail a few days later. The reason: His mailbox was on a crooked post.
Forget about going after criminals... let's punish everybody's rural grandparents.



Anonymous said...

Sell Canada Post.

Neo Conservative said...

but, but, but... what would we do with all those highly skilled, highly paid workers who can, you know... read english AND walk in a straight line.


Powell lucas said...

This is just another example of how the bureaucracy is gradually chipping away at the fundamental privileges that Canadians pay so dearly for. And it is a privilege. There is no 'absolute right" to postal service, but the list of reasons for no longer providing this service is growing constantly.
The bureaucracy (and this is all governmental bureaucracies)has added more and more restrictive regulations to the services they provide, yet they continue to function as if they were so essential that the public can not survive without them.
It is long past due the time when the government, which created these over-zealous empires, took a long hard look at the value the public is getting for their tax dollars. The Draconian regulations and their equally Draconian enforcement policies have rendered many of these institutions outdated and they should be scrapped.
The politicians, of course, don't see it this way because they would then have to pay for the propoganda sheets that jam our mailboxes.

Neo Conservative said...

"powell lucas says... There is no 'absolute right" to postal service, but the list of reasons for no longer providing this service is growing constantly."

with things like email and online banking, i envision a day 20 years down the road when my grandchildren say... "grampa, tell us again about when they used to bring pieces of paper around to the little box down by the road."

regardless... if they're gonna provide the service... let's not get all caught up in silly little bureaucratic pissin' wars about a crooked mailbox post.

even the electrical code grandfathers in old installations.