25 June 2008

Gracias, Senor Buzz

Mexico is riding a boom in small-car sales that has put the nation's vehicle production on track to pass Canada for the first time and become the second-largest vehicle manufacturer in North America this year.

There's more investment in small cars under way in Mexico. Ford Motor Co. will spend more than $3-billion (U.S.) in the biggest single automotive investment yet in the country, which will begin producing subcompact Ford Fiesta cars for North America in 2010.

GM is spending $650-million and hiring 2,000 workers to build its Chevrolet Aveo and Pontiac Wave subcompacts.

One major factor in Mexico's favour is labour costs, and the country is maintaining that edge with further wage reductions. Mexican workers agreed this month to a two-tier wage system that cuts hourly pay for newly hired workers to about half the current level of $4.50 an hour.


Anonymous said...

I still find it so ironic that the CAW gave $200'000.00 for a Housing Project in my area which was for "Refugees" that were mainly from Mexico after they were shuttled though the USA to a Canadian border.

The cheap labour in Canada helped drive down the non-Union living standards as Public Employee demands for higher wages and better pensions caused higher Taxes locally for average Property owners , then when the Governments gave millions of Tax dollars to prop up CAW jobs to make cars people aren't buying this added to the prosperity-gap to make things worse.

The CAW has supported NDPer's that are pro-Refugee and now I see that Peggy Nash,Gord Perks,Cheri DiNovo from Toronto's Ward 14 are now mocking our Troops in Afghanistan by endorsing www.resisters.ca that wants to allow every soldier outside of canada to make a Refugee claim in canada for any Conflict they don't agree with.

With 3'000'000'000 males living outside of canada and even if 1% were in a foreign Army , that's roughly 30'000'000 "Resisters" that the NDP wants to come to canada as "Refugees" .

Neo Conservative said...

as one of my female fellow-bloggers is wont to say... "when the last commie is strangled with the entrails of the last hippie..."