25 June 2008

Paging Taliban Jack

So, Jacko... you figure you know some secret that the Pakistani government just can't figure out?

-- South Waziristan -- Residents and local officials say that those murdered were among at least 27 members of the pro-government Bhittani tribe kidnapped by Taliban militants during a raid on the town of Jandola earlier this week.

District Coordination Officer Barkatullah Marwat told VOA by telephone that Taliban militants killed most of their captives and dumped their bodies just outside the town.

The rise in the extremist activities is occurring despite Pakistani government attempts to engage militants in talks to end the violence.
We're all ears.



Anonymous said...

Exactly when is Jack going to deliver peace in that region?

He, and only he apparently, knows what to say to the Taliban to get them to stop killing people - so when will Jack do the world a favour and start his talks?

If Jack Layton knows what to say to get this wanton killing to stop and he won't say it - what kind of evil bastard is he?

Is there a journalist in Canada?

If so, perhaps they could ask Mr Layton about what he intends to say to the Taliban? If Jack Layton himself is too cowardly to actually go to Afghanistan, perhaps he could at least send envoys from the NDP?

Rich said...

I agree with the post above, Mr. Harper should ask Jack if, over the summer, he would agree to be an official feeler-putter-outer for Canada.
He would engage the Tali's in meaningful dialogue and open a route for negotiations.
(Lemmee see....and orange head covering won't do....what colour to wear?)
Yeah....that'd do it.

Anonymous said...

Neo, I keep telling ya that Jacko has this trick hernia that keeps popping out otherwise he'd be negotiating(with the lovely Libby Davies at his side) peace with the mullahs...danged trick hernia.

Neo Conservative said...

maybe jacko just feels that they need him too much on parliament hill.

i mean... how could stephen harper possibly govern without jack's valuable input?