22 June 2008

Blessed be his name

The capricious and unknowable "Will of Allah."

-- Diyala Province, IRAQ -- Fifteen people have been killed and 39 wounded by a female suicide bomber in the northern Iraqi city of Baquba.

The bomber detonated the device in front of a group of policemen at the entrance to a local government and law courts complex.

A number of civilians are said to be among the casualties.
C'mon now... it's all for a good cause, right?

If only we could bring back Saddam.



Anonymous said...

So these brave warriors for Muhammad are now sending out the mentally ill and females?

Talk about stupid , they have combined Eugenics with population suicide by killing off the weaker person and the Females who used to provide a supply of future Jihadists.

This is almost as dumb as the gay lobby that Marched with the FemiNazis for the Abortion Rights to terminate a life without any valid cause , this Abortion Right has opened the door for Science to decode the DNA to ID bad traits or disabilities as to prevent a Birth that will Grant Right to the baby as a Human after it leaves the womb.

Think about it folks , we already had a Clinic open in Toronto 3 years ago that offered Gender-Abortions and there was not one peep from the Female MP's or MPP's or Toronto Councelors .
So why would (and how could) a caring mother not want to protect a future baby from future harm by merely preventing the birth , afetr all...we see Mothers commit suicide and take their new-born with them as a favour because they think they are prevent future harm and trauma from external judgements by Society to the Motherless citizen having to go through life with the memories.

Politicians will embrace this and claim it save Tax dollars on Medical aid and long-term care , but THAT'S what Hilter and his SS bully-boys tried and they came for the mentally ill first who couldn't defend themselves , then once the conscience became numb to accept a Justified killing the SS expanded the groups of people that were a burden .

But alas, the tragedy for Germany was that the last Mentally Ill person to die should have been the 1st one as we saw when Hitler did the World a favour and blew his head off by suicide.
Politicians usually never want Laws or Standards they know they could never live by themselves , except for Toronto's Mayor Miller who got rid of the People who monitor him for coruption and Tax-fraud by cooking the books to misuse Public funds.

Anonymous said...

Saddam was a true socialist, a hero of left-leaning people everywhere. Perhaps another socialist could be found who would stuff humans into woodchippers and allow his sons to go on rape sprees?