25 June 2008

Dear Mayor Miller

I was just wondering if you could tell me which skeet-shooting club... this gentleman belongs to.

-- TORONTO -- Parolee Andre Blair was on two separate bails -- one for possessing a semi-automatic handgun and another for drug-dealing -- when he committed the execution-style killing of Andrew Latouche.

In March 2006, Blair shot 28-year-old Latouche -- who was sitting in the front seat of a van -- four times from less than a foot away, striking him twice in the head and twice in the upper chest.
And it seems ol' Andre had been around the block a few times...
The jury never heard that Blair was on two different bails when he killed Latouche. In November 2004, he was sentenced to the equivalent of 45-months custody and had a weapons ban for a 2002 home invasion robbery while using a restricted or prohibited weapon.
So tell me, yer blondeness... you think taking guns away from, say... an Olympic target shooter... would'a slowed this guy down?

Myself... I'm gonna go with no.


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Four young people were shot by a gunman after an argument last night outside the Tim Hortons at Hwy. 8 and Dewitt Road. "I heard the gun six or seven times," siad Naim Morina, 22, of Ancaster.

He said one friend, Adam Rexha, was shot twice in the left arm and once in the right. Another, Agi Gashi, 21, was shot three times in the leg, he said. According to Morina, Gashi's girlfriend drove him to hospital. Marina said he did not know what the argument was about other than it was "some beef from a couple years ago."

Police say the gunman is a white man, five-foot-six to five-foot-nine. He has a slim build, crooked teeth and white hair. He was wearing a grey hoody. Police are looking for four others in the group.
Police added they were "dressed like gangsters."

Yeah... I'm shocked.



Fenris Badwulf said...

Hey, was the firearm he used the first few times registered? Us other people get five years for having an unregistered firearm.

And then again, as a victim of the bad white people, he is not guilty of any crime he committed.

Make this guy a public school teacher!

Anonymous said...

Mayor Moron of Toronto should serve this guy's sentence, he would be given street credibility for doing his part to eliminate white guilt.

Neo Conservative said...

the thing is... if we fill up our jails with actual thugs... where will mayor miller put those nasty gun club members.