23 June 2008

We're finally gonna start...

...checkin' tickets on the Gravy train...

The 19th-century Indian Act that governs most of Canada's 600 First Nations says little about fiscal transparency.

"So that's going to change and that's going to be of great benefit to First Nations individuals who say, you know, 'I want to hold the chief and council's feet to the fire, just like I would at city hall or ... with the federal government,''' Strahl said.
And even the opposition isn't gonna argue that this isn't necessary...
The policy shift echoes the failed First Nations Governance Act, a broader legislative attempt by the former Liberal government to tighten financial controls.

Former prime minister Paul Martin, as he took the Liberal helm, abandoned the bill after months of backlash from native chiefs who said they weren't fully consulted.
Well... at least we know Steffi doesn't get his intestinal fortitude from anywhere strange.



Anonymous said...

Chiefs haul in $6,000,000,000 dollars, that's billion with a 'b', - you can guarantee that they're going to stir up as much trouble as possible by hiring thugs to block roads etc.

Then they will offer to step in and 'solve the problem'.

Chiefs will continue to screw over ordinary aboriginals as long as possible.

Neo Conservative said...

the chiefs managed to make the liberal government back off on their version of this initiative... funny how that works.

congratulations to stephen harper on getting a handle on another homegrown fiscal nightmare.

i can't wait to read the report.