22 June 2008

A Tale of Two Shooters

Here's just one of the things that drives me crazy about the CBC... they're not above shilling the deaths of these two unfortunate young men... but in their blindly politically-correct madness... they won't even provide a description of the shooter.

The only possible suspect is a man seen riding away from the murder scene on a mountain bike. Police say they believe whoever was responsible for the shooting is "familiar with the area" around Niagara and Bathurst streets.
See how helpful that is? The CBC has winnowed down the pool of possible shooters to any one of the million or so males in the city of Toronto. Good work guys.

Thankfully, there are still folks in the media who are determined to provide actual details that may help apprehend the shooter.
It's expected they'll plead for information about the man who so callously took the lives of two such promising young men. Cops think he fled the scene on a mountain bike, and have only a limited description of him.


* Male,
* Black,
* Light complexion,
* Light coloured shirt,
* Dark coloured pants.
That description... and the fact that he's believed to be from the immediate area, narrows the suspect pool way down.

And with this thing beginning to look like a "thrill kill"... the cops are gonna need all the help they can get.


I think the Dawg... needs a good worming.


James Goneaux said...

Hey, give the Star some credit: they actually stated the race of this guy:


Everybody got that?

Double murder = no racial description.

Brawl with non-life threatening injuries? HAVE TO HAVE the racial description, in case people are confused by all the different 28-33 year old guys with stocky builds and several piercings on their faces, dressed in black and wearing a black fedora.

Anonymous said...

How about the recent attempt to kidnap a child from the bedroom and the Mother chased the person away.
The police first said it was a light-skinned non-white male around 25 with a slim build, ball cap,T-shirt, and dark baggy jeans
and running shoes ,roughly 6" tall with a thin face .

Boy, that narrows it down .

Watch how fast the terms using "non" become offensive and are replaced with "Person" , plus I already knew that the Honour murders by Muslim dads would barely get the Truth printed for the "Sharia Law" link because the Quran is about peace as seen on The Little Mosque On The Prairie .

CBC would never lie...would they?

jckirlan said...

Thank God I leasrned long ago so let me pass on some wisdom here. DIRECT TV and SIRRIUS SAT RADIO.
I have not seen/heard CDN media in years.

Neo Conservative said...

is that what people are saying these days... "give me fewer facts... 'cos i just don't wanna know?"

nanny-state "buy the world a coke" cbc... seems to think so.


David L. said...

They probably didn't want to report the truth about someone who was "non-white" for fear of being brought in front of the Human Rights kangaroos like Mark Steyn and Macleans.

Neo Conservative said...

mindless political correctness... the bane of modern canadian society.