27 June 2008

Meet the dangerous folks...

...Mayor Super Dave Miller of Toronto wants to put out of business.


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,,,which gun club did this guy belong to?

It all started over a minor insult that led to an argument, humiliating Doa Trong Nguyen in front of his girlfriend.

Twelve hours later, Nguyen walked into a Dundas St. W. karaoke bar and shot Sanh Duong at close range as he sat eating with his wife and seven friends.


Anonymous said...

Mayor Moron of Toronto must think people like this couple are doing drive-bys on their way to the Olympics, or when they pick up some groceries, or catch a movie.

Mayor Miller is an Ass.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Miller's trip to China has any ties to him wanting to end Canada's chances in Future Olympic's for the target events with rifles .

Since he doesn't oppose the Unionized staff in Toronto that support Communist Cuba with their tourism dollar and health-care vacation to pay for medical Operation in Cuba to jump the cue line , maybe Communism is alive and well and THAT might be why Miller wants Non-Citizens in Toronto to be able to vote for the Mayor .
Toronto has a 50% immigrant population and what better way to secure a Job-4-Life at City Hall by making everyone Equally-Poor and forced to ride Bicycles while the Politicians have tax-funded Limo's and free-food from the trough in the sty-chamber .