22 June 2008

Hey, dumbass...

Here's a breaking bulletin... many Canadians don't appreciate being held hostage...

The Kelly Lake Cree Nation took down a highway blockade near the Alberta-B.C. border Saturday because of a close call with angry and dangerous drivers, band spokesman Clayton Anderson said.

Anderson said he was walking toward a vehicle at the blockade on Highway 52, about 180 kilometres southeast of Chetwynd, in northeastern B.C., when "this guy just steps on the gas and practically runs me over."
Hey, Clayhead... why don'tcha try this sorta shit over in Chechnya... I bet they'd love your lawbreakin' ass.

Better yet... just call a cop... and file a complaint.

And... oh yeah... next time you should try not to forget your spear.



clayton anderson said...

Hi guys hows things going these days? Have you lynched anybody lately or burned down any churches or cross's? Your tones sound a little racist. Just like you i have a right to my opinion! What we did was legal and peaceful and intended to promote attention and awareness to safety concerns. Any further response to conduct such as what you have shown so far doesn't warrant a response. I hope you fare better in the future.

I guess you know now who's the dumb jackass eh. lol that would be you
clayton anderson

Neo Conservative said...

"clayhead says... What we did was legal and peaceful"

hmmm, that's funny... where i come from... blockading a highway is both "illegal and confrontational".

special rules for "special" people, huh