27 June 2008

Do the Right Thing

Stephen Harper steps up... yet again.

-- OTTAWA -- Canada was set to impose diplomatic sanctions against Zimbabwe after Prime Minister Stephen Harper condemned what he called a “corrupted vote” in the African nation.

“Our government has condemned the corrupt vote in the strongest possible terms,” Mr. Harper told a meeting of B'nai Brith International.

He called the election process in Zimbabwe “an ugly perversion of democracy.”


Anonymous said...

Stephen Harper has the courage to do the right thing. Even when there are Toronto politicians who attack him for condemning Mugabe.

Neo Conservative said...

dion, meanwhile, is calling for yet more taxpayer funded bernier "jock sniffing".


sammy said...

Why haven't the msm even mentioned the award PMSH won???? Too busy ass -covering for Mr.Snively and his Green Shaft?
You know,looking at that phrase just now..'Green Shaft' it makes me think of a syphlitic penis oozing something that isn't too easy to consider as I eat breakfast!

Honey Pot said...

Finally someone that is not an ass kissing coward leading Canada. He put Canada on the national stage as a world leader. It is all good for Canada.

Neo Conservative said...

"sammy asks... Why haven't the msm even mentioned..."

you can take some comfort in the fact that the largely and loudly leftbot media bleed from their ears every time harper takes a hugely principled stance like he did here.

looks good on them, too.

watch for ctv to show pictures of machine guns on the 11 o'clock news... to try gain back their imaginary moral high ground.