18 June 2008

You need to "'ave da trust..."

I'm from the Opposition... I'm here to save you.

-- WINNIPEG -- A carbon tax would be good for the planet and for Canadians' wallets, Liberal Leader Stephane Dion said Tuesday as he pitched his soon-to-be-released green plan.

But Prime Minister Stephen Harper quickly came out swinging, dismissing the idea as "insane."

"This tax will be revenue neutral is like, 'The cheque is in the mail.' It's like, 'I'll respect you in the morning.'"

"It's just not believable."
(h/t reader rich)


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Remember how the "Farmer Bob Rifle Registry" was gonna eradicate crime... AND PAY FOR ITSELF?


"Revenue neutral tax? That's like a "smell-neutral fart".

LAST WORD: Oops... he screwed up & admitted it
"The Liberals have acknowledged that oil companies may pass the cost of the tax on to consumers."
Oh, Steffi.



Anonymous said...

Steffi Dion is going to save the planet? What kind of moron is that guy? Doesn't he even know that Canada contributes less than 2% of 'greenhouse gases'? Was that a turnip truck I just saw drive by?....

ebt said...

"Revenue neutral tax"? That's like a "smell-neutral fart".