26 June 2008

Just a little off the top, huh?

Gotta say... I get queasy just thinkin' about this.

-- ZURICH, Switzerland -- A Swiss court has found the Somali-born parents of a teenage girl guilty of arranging the removal of their daughter's clitoris.

It is the first time a court in Switzerland has ruled on female circumcision.

The court in Zurich handed the parents each a two-year suspended prison sentence and ordered them to pay their daughter compensation to be determined later.
A suspended sentence.

That'll teach 'em.


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"But in a collective honour-based society, if one person loses his or her honour, then the whole family, clan or village loses its honour, too."


Rose said...

I can't say I'm surprised, under a socialist/liberal/labour government women's rights are often negated to favour "Cultural practices" of the parents. It's called diversity, a police went public in England that over 3000 little girls went missing from public schools. He suspected forced marrages to some smelly ole uncle (dads bro) instead of public outrage they fired him for interupting "Cohesive" public policy.

Coming soon to Canada, after Sharia Law and honour killings and genitile mutilations.

Jim Pook said...

"Female Circumcision"???

Let's call it what it really is: AMPUTATION.

The western world had got to stop allowing this kind of "Cultural practice" - it is barbaric, and criminal, and needs to be punished as such.

If history said that little Jewish girls were "circumcised" in Hitler's concentratin camps, would that make him a nicer guy because he was only practicing "cultural practices"? I think not.

Neo Conservative said...

simply beyond the pale... i got nuthin'.


Anonymous said...